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Sports Day 2020

2020 brought around a slightly different kind of sports day. Over 100 of our pupils took part in first ever Rainbow games, both at home and in school.

The day consisted of children competing in for their houses in a range of throwing, jumping and running activities alongside some cross-curricular olympic themed activities such as designing/cooking a healthy meal; researching one of the continents; creating banner and posters to show their support for their house.

A brilliant event with many children engaging in the activities. Over 18000 points were shared between the 4 houses with less than 100 separating first and second.

Results are announced in the below video!

Year 6 Enjoy Language and Communication Day at Hayle Academy

On Tuesday morning our year 6 children visited Hayle Academy; here they not only had the chance to explore languages from around the world but the opportunity to dive deeper into how languages are constructed before having a ghostwrited at creating their own language.

The second session consisted of constructing and writing letters to their favourite authors. These will then be posted off with the hope of getting a reply. So watch this space!

Super Six Status For Some Of Our Super Year 6s

The long awaited announcement of this year’s first crop of ‘Super Six’ pupils took place this week with the awarding of 5 ties and certificates. Becoming a ‘Super Six’ is not simply about academic success but more so recognising excellent role models that demonstrate the shared values and ethos of the school.

The first five pupils have been presented with a certificate signed by all members of teaching staff as well as the Year 6 team. This means that the children’s awarding of the certificate must be agreed by all, a wonderful achievement and one to be very proud of. The children have also signed a contract to show that they now fully understand the responsibilities for their new role.

These particular children share a tremendous work ethic and constant drive to succeed and improve. Through both homework and classwork they have shown immense effort and diligence and we are wholly confident they will continue to set an excellent example for children at Penpol School as they wear their new ties with pride.

We look forward to seeing these children continue to develop and flourish at Penpol as well as looking forward to the opportunity to present more awards to deserving children. For any Years 6 wishing to find out what they need to do, they need look no further than the attached contract.

Year 6 Explore Islam With Daya

In Year 6 this term we have been studying Islam in RE. We have learnt all about the 5 Pillars, the importance of prayer, the Qur’an, fasting and the pilgrimage to Mecca.

We also had the opportunity to host Daya, for day. Daya is a Religious Education specialist who lives in Cornwall. During the day we had the chance to ask her a whole host of questions and discuss how not only Islam, but various different religions around the world have differing and interestingly similar beliefs.

The children talked at length about respect, respecting each others views and beliefs.

Throughout the day, we looked at the life of someone who follows the religion of Islam, a muslim, the importance of the mosque and the role it plays in Islamic culture. We also had the chance to dress in some traditional Indian clothing, learn some Indian dance and finally try some homemade potato curry along with the chapatti breads that we made in class.

Year 6 try their hands at Mexican Cooking!

Year 6 had the pleasure of welcoming Andrew for Aspdens, our school catering provider, this week. He spent the session talking to the children about cooking safety; origin of ingredients; the importance of understanding where our food comes from and how for it has traveled; and the benefits of a healthy diet.

As our Year 6 classes have been studying the Ancient Mayan Civilisation we decided to have a go at cooking some less traditional Mayan, but more delicious Mexican dishes. The children had to peel, dice, slice, grate and mix avocado, tomatoes, garlic, onion, fresh chilli and coriander to create both a spicy salsa and a cool guacamole before enjoying both with some home made tortilla chips Andrew prepared in the school kitchen before hand.

Some children were braver than others but lived to regret their choices when underestimating the strength of fresh chilli. Many of the flavours that Andrew introduced were unfamiliar to the children on their own, of course they had been exposed to them in other dishes but not many had eaten a coriander leaf on its own. It was not only interesting to see some off the children’s faces when tasting some of the ingredients but to hear the sensible conversations they had with each other about the different tastes the tongue can sense.

With more salsa and guacamole than tortilla chips our creations were sent to the school canteen for children to enjoy with their fajitas, which were on the menu for the day.

Year 6 Travel back in time for evacuation

Nearly eighty years after thousands of children and young vulnerable adults were evacuated from cities across the country during WW2, our Year 6 children had a go themselves. To celebrate the end of our ‘Wartime Britain’ topic the children (and adults) dressed themselves in period clothing and lived the life of an evacuee for the day.

After being collected from the gate by a member of the British Army General, a U.S. Naval officer and our very own Land Girls they waved a teary goodbye to their parents before being subjected to a roll call and squeezing into a cramped school hall; much like the evacuees of 1939 would have been when they departed the trains.

The children spend the day, writing postcards to their loved ones at home, building model spitfires, making and baking bread and butter pudding using a rationed recipe and completing for the hotly sought after marble championship trophy. A highlight for most of the children were the repeated staged blackout; where the children had to make out the lights and close the blinds before diving for cover under desks when the air raid siren went off. Luckily, all were false alarms and we didn’t have any casualties. At the end of the day we were joined by some parents who came to collect their children from the brief evacuation before spending some time enjoying their children’s learning with them; as well as their bread and butter pudding and well rehearsed air raid drills.


Active Advent 2019

As the festive period begins and we all start eating chocolate for breakfast (myself included) why not have a go at an advent calendar of a different kind.

My Active Advent is something you will be doing in class with your teachers but why not have a go at home, particularly over the weekends and as we get closer to Christmas when the holidays begin!

This post will be added too with videos and photos of you guys getting active over the next few weeks! The calendar can be found at the bottom of the page. We are also behind on two days, so just like your chocolates, tine to catch up!