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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning.
Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.”

Penpol Stars of the Week – 27th January 2017

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 6 – Corran

Corran has been chosen because he always demonstrates a positive attitude towards his learning and never gives up trying. Corran has been working extremely hard in all areas of the curriculum and has recently demonstrated, through perseverance that he has the patience and ability to solve complicated code instructions during the I.T lessons. Corran also enjoys learning at home and often brings in detailed models that he has made, to share with the class. Well done and keep up the hard work Corran.

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 9 – Otis

Otis has been chosen because of his constant hard work and perseverance. He has a brilliant creative mind and always makes amazing models that are relevant to the topics we are studying. His knowledge of the world around him is fantastic and he has a great mind for remembering facts. If Otis ever finds something difficult he will keep trying until he does understand. Well done Otis your enthusiasm and love of learning is inspirational to those around you.

Class Stars of the Week


Class 1 – Amelia C

Amelia is a really fantastic attitude to her work. She always tries her best and puts 100% effort into everything she does. I am extremely impressed with how well she listens in class. Amelia has gained in confidence massively and is the first to put her hand up, answer questions and have a go. Well-done Amelia, keep it up!

Miss Aspden


Class 2 – Corey

This week has seen Corey thrive in maths. Corey persevered with his numbers and managed to write them all correctly, all the way up to 90! Corey has worked really hard and would not give up until he had finished his work. Not only is Corey brilliant with numbers he also has the manners of a true gentleman, holding doors open for members of staff. Well done Corey, you are a superstar.

Miss Simpson


Class 3 – Leah

Leah has had an overall brilliant week starting with reading. She has been reading traditional tales and is remembering to use false stops and expression in her voice. He writing is extremely neat and is remembering to stay on the line, use finger spaces and spelling has been amazing. She has been making fantastic pictures on the computer and in P.E has shown amazing bravery and skill whilst climbing the ropes. Great week Leah!

Mrs Rodda


Class 4 – Luc

Luc has grown in confidence since Christmas and it’s having a huge effect on his schoolwork. He has made fantastic progress with his writing, is sounding out his words and beginning to use full stops and capital letters.   Well-done Luc I am so proud of you!

Miss Ryan


Class 5 – Danny

Danny has been trying really hard with his work this week. He has been practicing his reading and is more focused on his work in class. He is the winner of the golden token this week for his table so very well done Danny.

Mrs Daniels


Class 6 – Oliver

Oliver is a caring, polite and friendly young man who always goes out of his way to help others. This week Oliver has worked extremely hard during the English lessons and demonstrated great perseverance, whilst learning about how instructions are written. By the end of the week Oliver produced a set of very detailed instructions that were written out using his grammar skills and beautiful handwriting. Well-done Oliver.

Mrs Raffell



Class 7 – Leanne

Leanne has been working really hard with her writing skills this week to improve content and building on her sentences. She has been using strong verbs and adjectives to help complete her tasks in more depth. Leanne has also been building on her self-confidence, which is much improving all the time. Very well done Leanne!

Mrs Jane


Class 8 – Melissa

Melissa has worked incredibly hard this week. She has written a wonderful story full of atmosphere and excitement. Melissa listens really well in class and that is one of the reasons why she has made such good progress with grammar and punctuation. Melissa is always enthusiastic in school and a helpful and popular member of our class. Well-done Melissa.

Mrs Conners


Class 9 – Ella

Ella works hard and to the best of her ability every week. She loves to write and this week wrote a lovely dragon story. When she visited year 6 to do some grammar she was able to answer all their questions, Well-done! Ella enjoys a challenge and will always try her hardest. I particularly admire how much effort she puts into running on a Friday afternoon. Whilst other children will get too tired and walk she will dig in and persevere right until the end; she is a star. Well-done Ella.

Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Peck


Class 10 – Jowan

Jowan’s positive attitude has impressed me more than ever this week. He approaches any task, regardless of the difficulty with the intention of giving it 100%. Jowan has tackled some very hard maths this week; this success is not only down to his attitude in class, but also his attitude at home. Jowan’s time-stable knowledge has allowed him to work out area, perimeter and volume with ease this week, which is great to see, as I always like to see hard work rewarded with a child’s smile.

Mr Stanlake


Class 11 – Alfie

Alfie has worked well this week especially in maths where he has achieved full marks in recent work on area, perimeter and multiplying and dividing by 10. Alfie has also produced some nice artwork based on tour work in narrative poetry.

Mr Little


Class 12 – Jessica

Jessie is a really fantastic role model to everyone in class 12. She is had working and conscientious about her work. Jessie not only works hard in class but also works extremely hard at home too and as a result her maths and English have really improved this term. Well-done Jessie.

Mr Wise


Class 13 – Jake

Jake is my number one helper. I have recently explained to the children that we need to look after our resources and Jake is the person I have noticed always helping and bring responsible. On top of this he has a super work ethic and has excellent manners to boot. Great job Jake well done!

Mr Pollard



Penpol Stars of the Week – 20th January 2017

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 5 – Tilly

Tilly has been chosen because she is always incredibly well behaved and hard working. In fact she is also a fantastic pupil who always trying her best in every subject. She listens well and will always join in with class activities. Tilly settles to her work quickly and thinks about what she has to do achieving a high standard in her maths and literacy work. Well-done Tilly.

Mrs Daniel

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 8 – Harrison

Harrison always tries hard in every aspect of his school life and is a thoughtful and kind member of the class. In story writing this week Harrison has worked really hard. Also, he has made excellent progress with his times tables. Harrison sets a great example to all around hi in all aspects of his learning. Well-done Harrison!

Mrs Connors

Class Stars of the Week


Class 1 – James

James had been working really hard this week. He has improved massively with his writing and is doing really well with writing his letter sounds. James really excels at his personal, social and emotional skills. He is a very kind friend to everyone in class. Well done for being so amazing James!

Miss Aspden


Class 2 – Jasmine

Jasmine has excelled in her reading and writing this week. She has shown great determination and effort in each aspect of our Literacy work, which is especially exciting in Class 2. Jasmine is beginning to write sentences independently and growing in confidence. We are very proud her achievements. Well done Jasmine, I am very proud of you!

Miss Simpson


Class 3 – Martynas

Martynas as demonstrated and determined and excellent effort  in all subjects this week including reading and writing. Martynas also excelled in mathematics this week and he became joint top performer in the class. He is able to count in tens to 1000 and record it with no help. Amazing work this week Martynas!

Mrs Rodda


Class 4 – Sonny

Sonny has been working really hard this week. He is becoming a lot more independent in his writing and is sounding out words rather than relying on an adult. He is also doing really well in his weekly spelling tests. Well done Sonny. Keep up the hard work.

Mrs Ryan


Class 5 – Icarus 

Icarus really worked hard and excelled in mathematics this week. Our topic has been making different amounts of money. Icarus has proved he knows his coins by making more complicated amounts during his lesson and was able to show and help his friends with their work too. Well done Icarus, great work this week.

Mrs Daniel


Class 6 – Summer

Summer is a happy, friendly and sensible young lady who always goes out of her way to help others. This week Summer has shown great perseverance with her learning and through her positive attitude, was able to understand and write a set of instructions for ‘Fairly Land.’ Summer always tries her very best and is a perfect role model around the school. Well done Summer!

Mrs Ruffell


Class 7 – Clarissa

Clarissa has settled in really well to life at Penpol School. She has easily made new friends and has been working hard to produce an acceptable standard for work in reading, literacy and mathematics. Very well done Clarissa.

Mrs Jane


Class 8 – Jake

This week Jake has worked incredibly hard in all aspects of his schoolwork. At home he studies very tricky spellings with enthusiasm and diligence and was a joint winner of Class 8’s recent spelling bee. Jake takes on board advice given by his teachers and this helps him improve his work and perform to the best of his ability.

Mrs Connors and Miss Nidds


Class 9 – Freya

Freya loves to learn. She often brings in extra work from home relevant to our topic work. Freya works well with other children and listens carefully to their views when working in small groups. This week she has written a lovely story about a dragon. Well done Freya, keep up the good work.

Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Peck


Class 10 – Will

Will is one of the most sensible children in Class 10 and has continued to demonstrate that characteristic this week by being responsible for looking after our pet hamster. Will has also displayed real confidence in mathematics this week when measuring and calculating area and perimeter of compound and composite shapes. Keep up the good work Will and well done.

Mr Stanlake


Class 11 – Aiden

Aidan has had a very good week! He has written an opening paragraph describing the settings of our two narrative poems, ‘The Pied Piper’ and ‘The Highway Man’. He also completed a sheet on using commas to help with meaning. Aidan has achieved full marks in all our work on perimeters or shapes and he completed a great piece of work on Henry VIII with a brilliant illustration to go with his write up. Great work Aidan!

Mr Little


Class 12  – Haydn

Haydn has had a fantastic week as usual. He has worked extremely hard at all areas of his work, writing, amazing figurative poetry and scoring a whopping 86% on his grammar test. He is always, bright and cheerful and a real inspiration to everyone in the class. Well done Haydn!

Mr Wise


Class 13 – Ethan

As always, Ethan has worked hard in every subject, excelling in every topic encountered this week. He is quick to help others and has recently created some super figurative language to describe a scene. Top work Ethan!

Mr Pollard


KS1 begin their Coding Challenge

This week Year 1 and Year 2 have all begun their adventure into the world of coding, using some fantastic online resources and lots of brain cells.  This marks the start of their journey into understanding how computers work, designing programs to run on them and developing a sense of confidence with the technology that surrounds us.

FullSizeRender 4

Starting with logical sequencing and basic algorithms, Year 1 + 2 have already started writing code to control ‘Angry Birds’ and have solved complex puzzles by correctly ordering blocks.  We’ve even begun to discuss the concept of algorithms (and talked about making sandwiches a lot!).


Over the next half term the children will be developing their knowledge of coding further and creating some exciting and engaging programs on the computers.

If any parents would like to learn more about coding themselves, or to follow along with what the children are doing in class, then the website www.code.org is well worth a look.

FullSizeRender 3

Penpol Stars of the Week – 13th January 2017

Overall Infant Star of the week


Class 4 – Beau

Beaus has had a fantastic week. He has returned to school, since the holidays with a super ‘I can do it’ attitude. It is lovely to see him grown in confidence and show a sense of pride in his work. Beau was telling me that he has some new years resolutions and that one of them is to learn his spellings every week. It certainly seems to be working as he got the all right this week and was very pleased with his certificate. Beau’s writing this week about Little Red riding Hood was very good and he is becoming more independent – a fantastic improvement. Well-done Beau for all your hard work this week. I am delighted that you are overall infant start of the week.

Overall Junior Star of the week


Class 7 – Amber

Amber is always so keen and enthusiastic and consistently works hard to produce work of a high standard. Amber is a helpful member of the class who clearly enjoys school life and who readily partakes in classroom discussions as well as producing some excellent homework. Amber is thoughtful and works well in a team situation and always takes that little step further, so very well done Amber!

House totals

Class Stars of the Week


Class 1 – James

James has shown fantastic speaking and listening skills this week. He is always eager in class and has amazing knowledge and understanding of the world. He Knowledgably answered many of the questions that Mark asked during the Mark’s Ark visit and is already on target to reach his early learning goals in this area. Super start James keep up the hard work!


Class 2 Dolores

Dolores is always amazing us with incredible models she makes at home. She works really hard with her mum and dad producing incredible homework. Some of her homework has included models of a microphone, robots and some stunning collages. This week has seen Dolores really focus on her writing, something, which she has found difficult. She has shown a positive attitude in improving her writing and continues to work hard at home. Dolores is also extremely polite with wonderful manners and is always smiling. It is lovely to have her in Class 2.


Class 3 Liliana

I have chosen Liliana as class 3 star of the week because she always pays attention and answers questions with confidence. For example, ‘trampoline’ was her contribution in phonics for the ‘tr’ sound. Her reading and spelling is a good average for her age. She has excellent ideas for dance and art. She joins in with enthusiasm during wake and shake and comes to school with a smile.


Class 4 Thai

Thai has shown good listening skills this week and has been focused on his work. This has shown as Thai has been putting his hand up to answer lots of questions and been giving 100% to all class activities. Well-done Thai. Keep up the good work.


Class 5 Solomon

Solomon is really enjoying our history topic on The Titanic. He has brought in a book from hoe and made an incredible model of The Titanic cruise ship complete with funnels and lifeboats! He has also been working really hard at his schoolwork improving his handwriting and fluency in reading. Well-done Solomon!


Class 6 Freddie

Freddie is a polite and helpful member of class. This week Freddie has shown great determination in his learning, whilst identifying how we measure in cm’s and m’s. Freddie persevered throughout the entire week, and through great listening and communication completed a number of tasks correctly. Well-done Freddie. I am very proud of you.


Class 7 Harry

Harry has worked hard to present his work neatly and works quietly and conscientiously to complete any given work. Harry is a quiet member of the class, who readily partakes in school life and has worked hard to improve his literacy and his math’s skills since the beginning of the school year. So very well done!


Class 8 Morris

Morris worked extremely hard this week. He has made fantastic progress with his spellings and gives 100% effort in everything. He is always kind to his friends and his generous nature is evident in every aspect of his school life.


Class 9 Lowenna

Lowenna works really hard. Just before Christmas she won our class competition to find out who knew the most capital cities in European countries. She knew 43! She learns her spellings carefully every week and at the moment she is in the lead for speed tables in the class. Already this term she has completed independent research on the Anglo Saxons and bakes some Anglo Saxon style biscuits. Thank you Lowenna well done.


Class 10 Caisey

It has been a great pleasure to see Caisey overcome some of her fears this week as it has allowed her to gain a huge amount of confidence. Caisey-Ann always gives 100% and that was clear to see this week when we went swimming. Caisey-Ann has developed confidence in the water that has allowed her to plunge into the pool and trust her swimming ability.



Class 11 Juliette

Juliette has made a great start to 2017 especially in math’s where she has just scored an impressive 27 out of 32 in our arithmetic paper – improving considerably on her first score. She has made a good start to her literacy work on narrative poetry and is now working on an opening paragraph that sets the scene in the Pied Pier of Hamelin. Juliette has also worked hard at home with her math’s homework and continues to impress in all creative areas. Juliette you have had an excellent week.


Class 12 Maia

Maia is a breath of fresh air. She has been chosen as star of the week because of her fantastic positive attitude, which sets a brilliant example to everyone around her. I don’t think I have ever seen Maia without a smile on her face and I think I never will. Well-done Maia!


Class 13 Jowan

Jowan is just a genuinely all-round good guy. He has a great attitude towards work and is always on hand to help others. He is a good friend to others and has all the qualities to go far in life. Jowan has worked really hard this week with his group of and grasped the concept of creative writing and produced some wonderful writing.

Science Super Taster

This week in Class 13 we have been trying different foods with extreme flavours and also finding out who in the class was a super-taster!
The children tried 85% dark chocolate, sour sweets, pineapple and lemon and recorded their results and whether they enjoyed it, before using blue food dye to count the fungiform papillae (the raised bumps on the tongue which hold our taste-buds) to see who had the most!

Jake – I really enjoyed finding out if I was a super-taster and I found out I had more taste-buds than my mum!

January 2017 - Science - Taste Buds3

Owen – the lemon was really bitter!

January 2017 - Science - Tongue

Fungiform papillae are one of the special types of bumps found on the surface of the tongue. Fungiform papillaecontain taste buds (especially for bitter taste), temperature receptors and have a good blood supply. They are scattered over the top and sides of the tongue, mainly towards the tip.

Thank You!

We would like to say an enormous thank you for supporting all our events and activities leading up to Christmas.  Due to your generosity, we were able to donate £100 to the Donkey Sanctuary, £200.50 to St Elwyn’s Church, £422.11 to St Julia’s Hospice and £203 to the Save the Children charity for Christmas Jumper day.  We also made a fantastic collection of goodies for the Hayle Food Bank. This is truly fantastic and we are so grateful to you all.

We are also so very pleased to report that the Christmas Fair raised a staggering sum of £2500 for our own school – this was a magnificent effort.  Thank you so much to our Penpol Friends team for organising this event and to everyone who helped out in any way or who came along and enjoyed the fantastic evening.