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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.”

Amazing Homework from Class 10

The children in Class 10 been very busy with lots of excellent work being produced. Many of the children have taken their love for learning home and created some magnificent pieces of homework varying from research into our South American topic to building tudor catapults.


Casey has taken inspiration from the Tudor house models we made in class and produced her own at home out of cardboard boxes and card! It looks very authentic, well done!

Ines has created a picture using things that she wouldn’t usually use.  She has also been busy creating her own book full of facts about Henry VIII and his colourful love life. Meghan has taken inspiration for tudor painter Hans Holbein and painted a portrait of her mum in his famous style.


Lola has spent her spare time at home researching the South American country of Argentina and producing two pages of facts written into her own fact file which she shared with the class.

Harry and his tennis ball flying machine.

Harry, with the help of his dad, has built a working tudor catapult which he brought into school for us to test on the school field.

Harry isn’t the only budding young carpenter in Class 10. Jude has also been busy creating a working catapult with the help of his granddad.

 Both models were very effective!

I certainly would like you both on my side in battle!



Record Finish For Penpol’s Swimmers

This week saw a return of the Penwith School’s Swimming Gala at Penzance Leisure Centre. As a school we sent 31 swimmers who took part in individual events as well as relays. These events included front crawl, backstroke, breast stroke and even butterfly. Out of the 20 schools that competed, Penpol finished 6th in both the Year 3/4 and 5/6 events. A record finish for our school.

Year 3 and 4

15 children from year 3 and 4 took part and made 8 finals, winning 3 medals.

Left to right: Zara came 3rd in Year 4 backstroke , Ronnie came 2nd in Year 3 backstroke, Miranda came 3rd in the Year 4 front crawl.

Year 5 and 6 16 children from years 5 and 6 took part each swimming in an individual race and the relay event, this time making 13 finals and winning 1 medal.

Eva came 3rd in the Year 5 breast stroke.

Class 1 are ‘Hands-on’ at Animal Vets, Hayle

Class 1 had an amazing time at the animal vets in Hayle this week. The children had a fantastic experience and learnt all about how the vets treat the sick and injured animals and what to do to look after and care for them.

Jonathon and Claire McCotter had set up 5 different areas that the children could explore and investigate.

The first area run by Patrick McCotter was all about farms and farming. He was brilliant with the children and they learnt about the different animals that live on a farm and the different produce we get such as meat, eggs and milk.

In another room, Jonathon and Claire showed the children some x-rays. The children were captivated as they talked about what the animals have inside their bodies and related it to what the children have inside their bodies. We looked at some x-rays of a tortoise with an egg inside her and another x-ray of a dog with a broken leg.

The children really enjoyed bandaging Chester’s “poorly” leg and tummy.

We saw a puppy and we bandaged up the puppy’s leg because it was broken. We looked at his bones on the iPad. It was an x-ray – Caitlyn

Sarina was in the operating theatre with an anaesthetised toy dog. She talked to the children about the equipment they use in the operating theatre and the children loved getting dressed in operating gowns, tunics, trousers along with gloves and face masks to re-enact some surgical


We fixed the animals with bandages, I put on a vet’s costume then fixed the dog. Rabbits eat carrots and cabbage the horses eat hay, the cows eat grass, the cats and dogs eat cat food and dog food – Corben

Carly was in the examination room with a menagerie of animals that the children could get up close to. They learnt all about ferrets, rats, cats, dogs and rabbits. The children were encouraged to touch and stroke the animals and were taught how to handle the animals correctly.

We looked animals, I liked the ferret. I liked stroking the animals the best. I stroked a rat and a ferret and a bunny they were fluffy and funny – Penny

Keri was in another examination room with Poppy the dog. The children were told all about how to keep a dog healthy and how to tell if a dog is becoming unhealthy. They had a go at listening to Poppy’s heart beat with the stethoscope, weighed her and had a go with the scanner to check she was microchipped.

Finally, Tamsin showed the children different types of food the animals eat and tried to get the children to work out which food was for which animal. She talked about a healthy diet and related it to the children’s own experience.

I really enjoyed it. We looked at lots of animals and learnt how to fix them and look after them. My Mummy and Daddy work there – Ethan

The whole morning was amazing. We would like to thank the whole team at the Animal Vets for this incredible opportunity and for all their effort and hard work that went into making our visit run so smoothly. We learnt so much from this wonderful experience.

Class 8 Visit Geevor Tin Mine

Class 8 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Geevor Mine this week as part of their rocks and soils and Local History topic. After travelling to the mine by bus and getting our hard hats on, we were ready for an exciting day ahead!

The first stop in our visit was to the rock challenge. As part of their visit, the children were tested on their knowledge of sedimentary and igneous rocks and their properties. They were able to show off how much they had learnt by successfully completing several rock challenges using scales, magnifying glasses and magnets. All the adults commented on how brilliant the children’s knowledge about rocks was!

The children all had a great tour of Geevor provided by Clint and Mark and really enjoyed the chance to get hands on. The class enjoyed smashing rocks into smaller pieces just like Bal Maidens would have done and loved the demonstrations of the shaking tables.

After their tour, the group all sat down together to enjoy mo’sle (or lunch!) with some children recreating a traditional miner’s lunch by bringing a pasty! Following lunch, the children had the opportunity to explore The Mill and towards the end of the day, the class was given the opportunity to pan for gold. Although the water was very cold, everyone seemed very pleased with the treasures that they had found at the end of the day!

Finally, the children were given the opportunity to venture underground into the mine in the dark and get the chance to experience what life would have been like for real miners. Lots of the children commented on how great the experience had been and how they would like to come back to visit Geevor at some point in the future!

Class 5 visit St Michael’s Mount, Marazion

In connection with our Geography topic on Island Homes, Class 5 headed off on the minibuses to St. Michaels Mount. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were able to walk across the cobbled causeway to the island where we met our guides who led us up to the once Monastery, former garrison and now family home.

We heard the story of Jack and how he slayed Cormoran the giant, fired the cannons and explored the castle and church. The children were brilliant detectives searching and identifying evidence of the three different types of people who have lived on the top of the island.

After a well deserved lunch, we were able to watch the tide come in and cover the causeway. We thought it a bit cold to swim, so with much excitement we caught the boat back!

It was a fantastic day out, giving the children a true taste of what it would be like to live on an island. We also received some lovely comments from other visitors and the staff on their excellent behavior, well done Class 5!

I was scared of going on the boat but it was brilliant, I want to go again – Immy

Brodi & Jake: Computing Stars of the Week

Key Stage 1: Brodi (Class 6)

Brodi has recently found a whole new sense of confidence using ICT.  He is now confidently writing code and making robots without help, which was something he felt unable to achieve just a few short weeks ago.  He is able to instruct other friends who are finding it a little harder and is sensible enough to work independently as well.  He is also really enjoyed the coding side of things this year and it is easy to see that his interest in this will continue to develop and expand over the years to come.  Well done Brodi.

Key Stage 2: Jake (Class 10)

Jake is always first with his hand up, always first to offer to help and always polite and patient when in the Mac Suite.  He has spent a great deal of time learning how to write code using Scratch and code.org and has become confident enough to help others who are unsure.  Recently he has been creating some exciting and imaginative robotic creations with our new Lego WeDo sets and is yet again happy to help others in his class who are stuck.  His enthusiasm and skills in Computing are admirable and his desire to develop further will see him soar in this subject.  Well done Jake.

Class 3 are ‘Fans’ of our Lego Robotics!

This week Class 3 had their first proper chance to explore and create using our new Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics sets.  Their challenge was to design and build a fan which could spin like a windmill.  Teamed up into groups of threes and fours, the class set about their task with huge enthusiasm.  A brief break midway through allowed a chance to test their models and compare with other designs, before a last few minutes of tinkering time were provided to finalise their creations.

Points were awarded for the fastest, biggest and most stylish fans created.  Below are a selection of photos showing off some of their creations!

Class 1 and 2 Dear Zoo dance show.

Class 1 and 2 were amazing this week during their Dear Zoo dance show. Georgia was great at remembering the words to the Hakuna Matata and was confident to open the show with a solo.

The lions from class 2 roared their way through the opening of the show to the lion king and demonstrated their tail swishing and hunting moves perfectly.

The bees from class 1 got ready to bumble next. They buzzed there way around on stage and showed off their skills as worker bees, dancing in a figure of eight and even buzzing around the queen bee.

I liked the buzzy bee dance because I liked it, I smile, I danced by myself with Piran, I did the rolling ball – Jenna

Next we had class 2 boys as naughty monkeys swinging their way onto stage. The funky monkeys jumped, hopped and swung around in fabulous unison.

The perfect penguins from class 1 waddled on next and danced the Charleston amazingly. Lylie, Imogen and Safi  where delightful with their dazzling solos.

I liked the penguin dance best because I liked doing the dance moves – Maisie

The beautiful butterflies from class 2 fluttered on with grace and poise. The elegant girls glided delicately across the stage and showed the audiences their remarkable ballet moves.

The raving elephants really brought the house down with their funny and synchronised dances moves. The boys from class 1 really enjoyed the elephant dance and remembered every dance move perfectly.

Class 1 and 2 ended their dance show with a party to car wash from a Shark’s Tale. The children loved performing for their parents and did an astonishing job at remembering all the dance moves. Piran and Sienna were brave and did an amazing job at narrating our story.

I liked the penguin dance, we went up cute, we went side to the side for our heads – Amelia



Reuben & Connor: Computing Stars of the Week

Key Stage 1: Reuben (Class 6)

Reuben is incredibly interested in everything to do with technology, from creating code to finding facts online, Reuben is the person to ask if ever you need help.  Last week he explained, flawlessly, exactly what the internet is and how it works.  That’s not a simple concept to explain!  He’s also excelled at building the Lego WeDo robots in our lesson this week and was in one of the first groups to successfully build and write code to control Milo the Rover Robot.  He has clearly got a huge amount of enthusiasm for Computing and this love of learning is going to help him discover many, many new skills and talents in the future.


Key Stage 2: Connor (Class 12)

Connor is one of the most enthusiastic and helpful Year 6 children in Computing.  He helps run Code Club every week, helps the children who get stuck with their 3D modelling and has this week had his own 3D model of a computer printed out in incredible detail.  He’s currently exploring new programs to code apps and games, as well as creating his own web pages in Dreamweaver.  Well done Connor and thank you for all your help.