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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.”

Making Music With Recorders

The children in Year Two (Classes 5 and 6), have started learning to play the recorder in music lessons on Wednesday with Mr Jones. The recorders arrived last week to fabulously excited children in Year 2 who have been waiting eagerly. The recorder sessions are provided as part of our music curriculum, where the children will be experiencing what it is like to be an instrumentalist. They will be learning how to read music, practise at home and strive to make a ‘sweet’ sound from their instrument.

“I really enjoy recorders, I love the sound it makes” – Liliana

All of the children in class 5 and 6 have been loaned a recorder from school which they can take home to practise.

“I like to play as much as I can” – Jackson

Year 3: Ready To Rock

Children in Year Three (classes 7 and 8), have started a terms worth of sessions, learning how to play guitar. With guitars on loan from Cornwall Music Education Hub (CMEH),the children are able to take the instruments home to practise becoming ‘Guitar Legends’.

“It is great learning to play the guitar! I have been practising every day” –  Fynn

All of the sessions are provided as part of our music curriculum offer with the hope that some of the children will cary on playing  instruments after the lessons have stopped. Children in years 4-6 have also been given the opportunity to join Penpol School’s guitar club, which has seen an immense popularity and all of the 30 spaces filled within a couple of days.

I like to get up early in the morning and practise” – Alex

The children and I look forward to showing off their guitar skills to parents after Easter. 

Penpol visit the BETT Show 2018

Last week myself, Mr Doyle and Paul went on a trip up to London to visit the British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) Show.  Once again the show proved to be incredibly inspiring and our visit has seen us return back to Penpol with loads of exciting new ideas and projects for the term ahead.  To show you just how big and interesting the show is, I’ve made a short video of our trip!        – Mr Woolcock

Penpol lead the way with LEGO Robotics!

At the end of last year LEGO Education got in touch with Penpol to see how we were getting on with our WeDo 2.0 robotics sets. After a lengthy discussion on the phone the LEGO team were incredibly impressed with how well the staff and pupils at Penpol were embracing and learning through their kits.  They asked if they might be able to use the school as a Case Study for a future article and we thought no more of it.  Until, that is, we spotted this article in the January 2018 issue of Education Today.

This magazine is sent out to every school in the country and often features a ‘View From The Classroom‘ section.  I’m delighted to say that this months feature is all about Penpol School and our use of the LEGO Robots!  Alongside an interview with myself there are some photos of Will, Alfie, Lily and Freya are featured showing off their creations!

You can read the whole article here: (Click on the article to make it bigger!)

Click article to view it full size

As well as being featured in the magazine, LEGO Education were kind enough to give our four magazine-stars their own ‘Mini Milo’ LEGO pack!  Here’s a photo of the four enjoying their new found fame and free LEGO!


And what exactly does a ‘Mini Milo’ set look like?  I’m glad you asked as they really are quite cute!

Languages Star of the Week

French Infant Star of the Week

Class 3 – Year 1 – Louis
Louis is a very motivated student in French.  This week, his excellent knowledge of the current topic, family, saw him as the overall Language Star of the Week out of the Infants.  He was able to say who he has in his family in French.  He also designed a portrait of his family and labelled his family members in French.  His attention to detail was outstanding and it was great to see the effort he put into his drawing and writing!  Félicitations, Louis!
Mr Emery

French Junior  Star of the Week

Class 7 – Year 3 – Jazmin

Jazmin has tried very hard in French lessons.  This week, she sang the songs Alouette and Frère Jacques very enthusiastically.  To recap family members, she was able to say whom she has in her family, and include adjectives (J’ai un grand frère qui s’appelle Aiden).  She also won a whole class quiz on family, and earned a very high score of 28 on Choix Multiple on Linguascope.com.  Bravo Jazmin!

Mr Emery

Stars of the Week

Infant Star of the Week

Class 3 –Year 1 – Miles

Miles was chosen as star of the week in September. Now because of his constant good behaviour and effort in all subjects I would like to award him the infant trophy. He works quietly with no fuss achieving excellent results. He regularly has 100% in the accelerated reading assessments and also full marks in phonics and spelling. His mental arithmetic is above average and written work careful and neat. He is thoughtful and kind and never puts himself first. A lovely boy to have in class!

Mrs Rodda

Junior Star of the Week

Class 13 – Year 6 – Ben

In my eyes, anybody who can work out that if a box of tea measures 8 by 6 by 12cm it will fit exactly 105 times into a package with a volume measuring 56 x 30 x 36cm in their head deserved to be considered for a star of the week award. Ben has a voracious nature to his Mathematics, and he is also putting more effort into his Literacy work. He is a good role model for others and has a great personality too.

Well-done Ben!

Mr Pollard

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 – Reception – Chloe

Class 2’s star of the week is Chloe. Chloe is star of the week this week for the fantastic effort she has made with her reading at home.  She is flying up our class reading challenge and is inspiring other children to get involved. She has also been making some great patterns this week using the counting cubes and has worked well with other children during our maths lessons. Well-done Chloe!

Miss Nidds

Class 4 – Year 1 – Drake

This weeks Class 4 star of the week is Drake. I am delighted with Drake’s hard work this week. He has been using his sounds in his writing as well as capital letters and full stops. Well done Drake, keep up the amazing work.

Miss Ryan

Class 6 – Thomas

The star of the week in Class 6 is Thomas. Thomas is a very polite young man who is always offering to help out around the classroom and look after his peers. This week Thomas has been working really hard to improve his letter and number formation and really thinking about how to form sentences correctly. He has also been trying out a new idea, which is enabling him to complete all of his written tasks successfully. Well done Thomas, I am very proud of your achievements.

Mrs Ruffell

Class 8 – Year 3 – Harry

Mr Jones and Mrs Connors are delighted to announce that Star of the Week is awarded to Harry.  Harry constantly demonstrates beautiful manners.  He is polite to his friends and teachers and can very often be heard thanking friends and staff for kindnesses shown.  It is so important that people feel appreciated and Harry certainly makes people feel this, with his lovely manner and kindness.  Most pleasing of all this is week is the way Harry has persevered with maths.  He spent lots of time on Tuesday night putting extra effort into something he found difficult in class.  This is typical of Harry.  He has a wonderful attitude to learning. Well-done Harry.

Mrs Connors and Mr Jones

Class 10 – Year 4 – Leeann

This week I would like to give star of the week to Leeann. She has developed a fantastic attitude towards, not only her learning but also about herself. Leeann now faces every challenge head on and with a “I can do this” approach and is starting to build up self belief. This has been a huge development for Leeann and I am so proud that she is starting to see her potential and know that she can do anything! Well-done Leeann! 

Miss Simpson

Class 12 – Year 5 – Ellie  

Ellie always works hard and tries her best in all subjects. She has a lovely manner with all her peers and she is respectful and kind. I have been very impressed with her attitude in maths recently, particularly around some tricky problem solving. She is also reading regularly at home. Throughout January, Ellie has been bringing in some fantastic homework from the homework grid such as dream catchers, South American flags and fact files. She has been very helpful and enthusiastic in class. Keep up the great work Ellie!

Mr Peck

Class 14 – Year 6 – Andreja

Star of the week this week in Class 14 is Andreja. Andreja has made really excellent progress in all subjects this term. She has achieved this by always listening, learning from other children and sharing her ideas. Andreja does all of this with a happy smile and a great sense of humour. Well-done Andreja.

Mr Wise


Class 3 Have Fun Making Milo

Class 3 have recently started getting to grips with our Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics sets and this week took their skills to a whole new level by building and coding Milo, the explorer robot.  To build this cute little robot the children had to follow a series of building instructions on their iPads, ensuring they worked in a team to locate the pieces required and to build the robot correctly.  Having displayed a great amount of teamwork and excitement, the children then wrote a short program to make their model come to life. By dragging and dropping blocks of code, the children wrote a set of instructions to move the robot forwards and backwards.  Some groups even found a way to have Milo make noises as he moved around.

“I really liked racing the robots, our one didn’t move very much but it was really fun.  The band wasn’t on right on my robot but we fixed it and it worked in the end” – Ada, Amelia, Amelia

“I liked it when our robot was in the race.  I liked it when it made code so it sounded like it was talking .  I liked it when we started building the robot because we had really good teamwork” – Alex, Louis, Ethan M

When each group had built and programmed their model we all went outside to have a quick race.  With plenty of cheering and excitement, all of the Milo robots went head-to-head to see which was the fastest.  This thrilling race has been immortalised on film for everyone to relive and enjoy!

How to Build a Computer with Year 5 + 6

This week our Year 5 and Year 6 classes have all taken it in turns to build their own computers using the assortment of components that they learnt about last week.  Working in small groups (and with the help of Mr Woolcock and Paul) each child learnt where the components went and what they do inside the computer.

Below is a step-by-step to understanding what goes inside a computer, written by our pupils.  Enjoy!


Step 1: Motherboard

“This is the thing which everything else plugs into, for example the power cables and processor.  The motherboard is big and it’s covered in circuits and interesting bits.  You need a motherboard in order to build your own computer.” – Harry, Class 13



Step 2: RAM

“The RAM is a bit like the arms of a computer, it helps the computer to multitask and to juggle lots of things at once.  You need to add the RAM in two slots (which have to be colour matching!) and it must be the right way around.  Push it firmly into place and the clips keep it in.” – Taran, Class 13


Step 3: Processor

“The processor is like the brain of the computer, without it the computer wouldn’t work at all!  We had to line the Processor up in its square holder and gently lower it into place.  We then used the clip thing to lock it into place so it doesn’t go anywhere.” – Ben, Class 13


Step 4: Graphics Card

“It shows the screen what to display and they can be really expensive!  It was quite easy to push it into the slot on the motherboard.” – Kian, Class 11


Step 5: Heatsink

“The heatsink cools the processor down because it gets really hot when it’s working.  It looks like a big fan with a big metal grate on one side.  You had to screw this into the motherboard so it sat firmly on top of the processor otherwise it won’t work.” – Meghan, Class 13


Step 6: Hard Drive and CD/DVD Drive

“It’s been really cool because I learnt how to put things into the computer and what everything was called.  The hard drive was interesting because it’s where you save all the work and that means all of the work that we’ve done is saved on one of them.” – Melissa, Class 11


Step 7: Cables

“I liked putting together the computer and seeing how it worked.  I found it amazing how everything could fit in a small computer and how the cables link everything together on the motherboard.” – Freya, Class 11



Step 8: Power Supply

“It’s important to a computer because it helps to run everything.  You have to plug the power cables into the motherboard and the drives and that gives it power.” – Emma, Class 11


Step 9: Turn it on!

“When everything is plugged in and safe, we turned the power on and you could hear the fans start to spin up as the computer started working.  It’s magic!” – Freya, Class 13


Luke + Sienna: Computing Stars of the Week

Sienna – Class 4

This week Sienna has worked incredibly hard in Computing and has mastered a complex set of coding puzzles which use a concept called a Repeat Loop.  She’s discovered patterns in her code and has been able to use a loop to repeat the instructions without having to type them out multiple times.

She’s really persevered and worked hard this week and definitely deserves to be Computing Star of the Week.  Well done Sienna.


Luke – Class 9

Luke has worked in Scratch this week to create his own game, based around the theme of ‘Ghostbusters’.  He created characters which appear and disappear randomly on screen and then went above and beyond to create effects, scores and a really cool Game Over screen for when you run out of time!

His imagination and creativity really shone this week and he’s a deserving recipient of the Computing Star of the Week.  Well done Luke.

Languages Star of the Week


Class 5 – Issac

Issac from Class 5 was excellent in French this week. He showed great determination and flair in class on the topic of family. He was the overall winner in the whole year game of splat. Splat is a competitive game; speed and good knowledge of vocabulary is the key ingredient to coming out on top. Issac has also participated enthusiastically each week in all activities in French. Well-done Issac!

Mr Emery


Class 14 – Aidan

Penpol Junior French Star of the Week- Aidan (Class 14). Aidan is a very motivated student who tries his hardest in all aspects of French.  Since the beginning of the year Aidan’s spoken and written work has come on very well.  His recent piece of work, (a wanted poster on Homer Simpson), was imaginative and included a good level of French. Well-done, Aidan!

Mr Emery