Year 3: Ready To Rock

Mr Jones

Children in Year Three (classes 7 and 8), have started a terms worth of sessions, learning how to play guitar. With guitars on loan from Cornwall Music Education Hub (CMEH),the children are able to take the instruments home to practise becoming ‘Guitar Legends’.

“It is great learning to play the guitar! I have been practising every day” –  Fynn

All of the sessions are provided as part of our music curriculum offer with the hope that some of the children will cary on playing  instruments after the lessons have stopped. Children in years 4-6 have also been given the opportunity to join Penpol School’s guitar club, which has seen an immense popularity and all of the 30 spaces filled within a couple of days.

I like to get up early in the morning and practise” – Alex

The children and I look forward to showing off their guitar skills to parents after Easter.