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Year 1 Curriculum

Our experienced and highly dedicated teachers and assistants in Year 1 pride themselves on their creative approach to teaching. In Year 1 the majority of children have made the transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage to the New National Curriculum. In order to foster a love of learning, our teaching staff provide the children with first hand experience of a creative curriculum where all pupils are engaged in their learning through stimulating and exciting topics.  They have opportunities to deepen their knowledge and understanding through exciting English and maths topics, reading, music, and role-play.

We recognise that each child is special and unique. Creatively, we aim to embed the key skills in reading, writing, spelling grammar and maths that will enable them to excel in all subjects. We continue to have a focus on phonics. Progress is carefully monitored and we have dedicated daily phonics sessions, which are tailored to every child’s need.

We also ensure that the children have the skills they need to be a successful member of our modern British society. We ensure they have an understanding of different beliefs and cultures and learn acceptance, tolerance and respect towards others.

Year 1 Teaching Staff
Miss S Ryan
Class 4 Teacher and Geography Coordinator
Miss E Whear
Class 3 Teacher
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Year 1 Support Staff
Mrs K Mason
Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Everson
Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Smart
Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Wilton
Teaching Assistant
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Year 1 Curriculum Overview

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Autumn Term 1: Happy, healthy me

Autumn Term 2: Amazing animals

Spring Term 1: Buildings

Spring Term 2: Journeys across the sea

Summer Term 1: Toys

Summer Term 2: Holidays

Autumn Term 1: Place value (within 10), Addition & Subtraction

Autumn Term 2: Place value (within 20), Addition & Subtraction, Geometry Рshape

Spring Term 1: Addition and subtraction (20), Place value (within 50)

Spring Term 2: Place value (50), multiples (2, 5, 10), measurement, length and height, weight and volume

Summer Term 1: Multiplication and division, multiples (2, 5, 10), fractions

Summer Term 2: Geometry, position and direction, place value (within 100), measurement, money, time

Autumn Term 1: The Fox and the Star & The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems

Autumn Term 2: Owl Babies & The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark

Spring Term 1:¬†The Emperor’s Egg

Spring Term 2: The Snail and the Whale & Where the Wild Things Are

Summer Term 2: Anna Hibicus & Lila and the Secret of Rain

Autumn Term 1: Ourselves & Seasonal Changes

Autumn Term 2: Animal & Seasonal Changes

Spring Term: Everyday Materials & Seasonal Changes

Summer Term: Plants & Seasonal Changes


Autumn Term: Weather patterns & hot and cold places around the world

Spring Term: Where in the world? UK Counties, capital cities, continents & oceans)

Summer Term: An Island Home (comparing our locality with an island in a contrasting country)

Autumn Term: Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole

Spring Term: Great Fire of London

Summer Term: How have toys changed through history?

Autumn Term: Special times and festivals

Spring Term: Special people and special buildings

Summer Term: Special books ad special stories

Autumn Term 1: New beginning

Autumn Term 2: Good to be me

Spring Term 1: Say no to bullying

Spring Term 2: Relationships

Summer Term 1: Getting on and falling out

Summer Term 2: Relationships

Autumn Term: Duration (long and short), winter and Christmas songs

Spring Term: Pitch (high and low), spring and Easter songs

Summer Term: Pulse and rhythm, summer songs

Autumn Term 1: Me and my family

Autumn Term 2: Animals around the world

Spring Term 1: Colours

Spring Term 2: Food around the world

Summer Term 1: Describing toys

Summer Term 2: Our local area

Autumn Term 1: Gym and health related exercise

Autumn Term 2: Games

Spring Term 1: Dance

Spring Term 2: Games

Summer Term 1: Athletics

Summer Term 2: Summer sports

Autumn Term 1: Portraits of people

Autumn Term 2: Portraits of animals

Spring Term: Buildings

Summer Term: Investigating materials

Autumn Term: Eat more fruit and vegetables

Spring Term: Buildings

Summer Term: Toys

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