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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.”

Caio & Otis: Computing Stars of the Week

Key Stage 1: Caio (Class 2)

Caio has had a really positive week in Computing, particularly when presented with new challenges.  This week we’ve really been focusing on using the keyboards to type sentences (not an easy skill when you’re used to seeing lower case letters which aren’t on the keyboards!) and Caio excelled himself by writing a short story.  He got the hang of the space bar, enter key and gained confidence finding each and every letter on the keyboard.  Besides this, he’s happy to help friends nearby who aren’t finding it quite as easy.  He’s a lovely student to have in the class and he deserves the Computing Star of the Week medal this week.  Well done Caio.

Key Stage 2: Otis (Class 9)

This week we’ve been using GarageBand to make music on the computers.  Otis has really taken the tools given to him and used them fantastically to create an interesting, exciting and enjoyable piece of music in his lesson (you can listen to this below!).  Despite having only a short time to produce his tune, his enthusiasm and ability really helped him out.  Otis is always enthusiastic about Computing, every week he comes in with a smile on his face and can’t wait to find out what he’ll be learning about.  He’s a pleasure to have in class and that’s why he’s our Computing Star Of The Week this week.   Well done Otis.

Green Fingers

The children in Class 6 have been very busy learning all about plants and the conditions they need to grow.To help with their understanding we teamed up with ‘Sow & Grow ‘ to help the children learn to love healthy food by growing some of their own in class. The children were so excited when we opened the parcel and found a bag of compost, pots to the grow their seeds in and some cress, runner beans and baby carrot seeds. The pack also contained a chart to record the growth of the plants and a ‘Star Grower’ badge.



  The children started off by filling their pots with composts and then carefully added their seeds.

The pots were then placed onto a sunny window sill to germinate.

Every morning the children would come into class and check their seed pot. There was great excitement around the room on the day the first shoots started to appear. Every week the children recorded the growth of the plant and eventually the ‘Star Grower’ was announced. Congratulations Harry!

Apart from growing seed in pots the children also made cress heads and a garden in the glove. The children found it a great challenge having to push the wet cotton wool balls into each finger and then carefully placing the seeds inside.

The gloves were then attached to a sunny window and all we had to do next was sit and wait for the roots and shoots to appear. Which wasn’t too long!


I really loved making the cress heads because the cress looked like hair – Finn


I liked making the cress head as you got to eat the cress after – Jasmine


I enjoyed all of it, especially watching my bean grow so tall – Summer

Class 7 Build and Code Lego Pulling Robots

This week Class 7 have been using the Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics kits to build and code robots that are designed to pull heavy weights.  The class were given a short time (only 40 minutes!) and the basic instructions and were then left to create their own robot.  Coding the robot also proved interesting, where they were able to adjust the speed of the motor to create more or less traction and increase the weights that could be moved.

Below is a video of Vinnie and Isaac getting their robot working…


Here is some of the code the class had to write in order to make their robots move.  The green block that says ’10’ underneath controls the speed and the end block controls how long the robot moves for!


Let’s have a look at a few finished robots…

Our robot goes for 18 seconds at a time and goes ‘boing boing boing’ while it pulls heavy weights! – Harry and Clarissa


When you put the code in the robot moves backwards and also if you put weight in the trailer bit it’ll carry it along behind when it moves.  We made the code on the computer and then made it run on the Lego. – Amber and Lola


Our robot pulls wheels in its basket so if you need to travel with your wheels then it’s the thing to use!  It’s better to put them standing up than lying down because if they’re lying down they’ll grip too much and the robot won’t move as well. – Vinnie and Isaac


A few photos from the building:

C’est magnifique! – Class 8’s Fashion Show

A little slice of France came to class 8 this week!  On Tuesday, Class 8 were very excited to invite the children and teachers from Class 3 to a very special fashion show performed entirely in French. Since Easter, the children have been busy preparing for their show in their weekly French lessons and have really impressed both their French teacher Michelle as well as the adults in class 3 and 8.

The children dressed up in a range of outfits including sports kits, school uniform, roller-skates, onesies, pyjamas, wetsuits and even grass suits! After walking up and down the catwalk in their costumes to songs chosen by the class, each child described their outfits in detail and then answered questions by Class 3 about their outfits.

Everyone was really impressed with the fashion show and below we have included some photos as well as the french the children had to learn in preparation for the show.

Je porte une robe multicolore et des chaussures blanches (I am wearing a multicoloured dress and white shoes) – Rebecka


Je porte une t-shirt de foot blanche, un short de foo blanc, des chaussettes bleues, ds chaussures noires (I am wearing a white football shirt, white football shorts, blue socks, black trainers) – Isabella


Je porte une chemise de rugby noir, un short de rugby noir, des chaussettes noires, des chaussures noires (I am wearing a black rugby t-shirt, black rugby shorts, black socks and black trainers) – Ronnie


Class 9 are Making Music with GarageBand

Recently we’ve been looking at how we can use the computers to make music by using a program called GarageBand.  The children have only had one lesson on this fantastic program so far, but already they’re starting to make some great songs.  Class 9 had an exceptionally productive lesson in GarageBand and we’ve chosen a few of their songs for you to listen to below.  We’ve definitely got some young DJ’s in the making!

Have a listen to some of their tracks:


“I really enjoyed GarageBand and I really liked how you could search for loads of different instruments and get loads of different beats!” – Autumn, Class 9



“I like my song because it’s got a good beat and I especially like the guitar” – Zara, Class 9



“I really like GarageBand because you can make lots of different songs from lots of different sounds.  My song makes me want to dance!” – Max, Class 9



“My song is based on a summery pop jazz vibe which will chill you out, no matter how hot it is outside!” – Ethan, Class 9