Class 9 are Making Music with GarageBand

Mr Woolcock

Recently we’ve been looking at how we can use the computers to make music by using a program called GarageBand.  The children have only had one lesson on this fantastic program so far, but already they’re starting to make some great songs.  Class 9 had an exceptionally productive lesson in GarageBand and we’ve chosen a few of their songs for you to listen to below.  We’ve definitely got some young DJ’s in the making!

Have a listen to some of their tracks:


“I really enjoyed GarageBand and I really liked how you could search for loads of different instruments and get loads of different beats!” – Autumn, Class 9



“I like my song because it’s got a good beat and I especially like the guitar” – Zara, Class 9



“I really like GarageBand because you can make lots of different songs from lots of different sounds.  My song makes me want to dance!” – Max, Class 9



“My song is based on a summery pop jazz vibe which will chill you out, no matter how hot it is outside!” – Ethan, Class 9