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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.” - our Penpol School vision.

Year 5 Curriculum

On this page you will find our Topic Planning for each term, which includes both an information sheet which is used to inform lesson planning as well as a grid of Home Learning activities.

Curriculum Plans - Term by Term

Autumn Term: The Stone Age

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Spring Term: May The Force Be With You

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Summer Term: Conservation Conversation

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Our Year 5 Team

Mrs R Barrett

Teaching Assistant

Mr K Wise

Class 11 Teacher and Maths Coordinator

Mr M Pollard

Class 11 Teacher and Design Technology Coordinator

Mrs A Bailie

Teaching Assistant

Miss N Blight

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr C Jones

Class 12 Teacher and Music Coordinator
Year 5 Curriculum Overview

This section is being currently updated and may not reflect the curriculum grids at the top of this page.

Autumn Term 1: Stoneage

Autumn Term 2: Bronzeage

Spring Term: Space

Summer Term 1: Greeks

Summer Term 2: Plastic Pollution

Autumn Term 1: The General

Autumn Term 2: How To Live Forever

Spring Term 1: The Jamie Drake Equation

Autumn Term 1: Rock Minerals

Autumn Term 2: Animals (Human)

Spring Term 1: Earth + Space

Spring Term 2: Living Things

Summer Term 1: Forces

Summer Term 2: Forces

Autumn Term 1: Local Prehistory

Autumn Term 2: Maps + Buildings

Spring Term 1: Continents

Spring Term 2: Beach + Fieldwork

Summer Term 1: Mediterranean + Greeks

Summer Term 2: Environment

Autumn Term 1: Stoneage

Autumn Term 2: Iron + Bronze Age

Spring Term 1: Space Race

Spring Term 2: History of Plastic

Summer Term 1: Greeks

Autumn Term 1: Hinduism

Autumn Term 2: Christianity

Spring Term 1: Hinduism

Spring Term 2: Christianity

Summer Term 1: Hinduism

Summer Term 2: Christianity

Autumn Term 1: Relationships

Autumn Term 2: Living in the Wider World

Spring Term 1: Living in the Wider World

Spring Term 2: Health + Wellbeing

Summer Term 1: Health + Wellbeing

Summer Term 2: Building Relationships

Autumn Term 1: Duration Long and Short / Winter and Christmas Songs

Autumn Term 2: Duration Long and Short / Winter and Christmas Songs

Spring Term 1: Pitch High and Low / Easter and Spring Songs

Spring Term 2: Pitch High and Low / Easter and Spring Songs

Summer Term 1: Pulse and Rhythm / Summer Songs

Summer Term 2: Pulse and Rhythm / Summer Songs

Autumn Term 1: Everyday Life / Daily Routine

Autumn Term 2: Where I Live

Spring Term 1: Sport

Spring Term 2: Hobbies + Fun

Summer Term 1: Café

Summer Term 2: Tour de France Performance

Autumn Term 1: Invasion

Autumn Term 2: Hockey / Football

Spring Term 1: Swimming

Spring Term 2: Rugby

Summer Term 1: Athletics

Summer Term 2: Striking / Fielding

Autumn Term 1: Naive Art

Autumn Term 2: Prehistoric Art

Spring Term 1: Recycled Art Mosaic

Spring Term 2: Recycled Art Sculptures

Summer Term 1: Greek Pots

Summer Term 2: Greek Jewellery

Autumn Term 1: 3D Printing

Autumn Term 2: Scratch 3

Spring Term 1: MicroBits

Spring Term 2: E-Safety

Summer Term 1: Multi Media Project

Summer Term 2: Sphero Robotics

Autumn Term 1: Prehistoric

Autumn Term 2: Oat Cakes (Stone Age)

Spring Term 1: See Art

Spring Term 2: See Art

Summer Term 1: Greek Food

Summer Term 2: Greek Food

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