Green Fingers

Mrs Ruffell

The children in Class 6 have been very busy learning all about plants and the conditions they need to grow.To help with their understanding we teamed up with ‘Sow & Grow ‘ to help the children learn to love healthy food by growing some of their own in class. The children were so excited when we opened the parcel and found a bag of compost, pots to the grow their seeds in and some cress, runner beans and baby carrot seeds. The pack also contained a chart to record the growth of the plants and a ‘Star Grower’ badge.



  The children started off by filling their pots with composts and then carefully added their seeds.

The pots were then placed onto a sunny window sill to germinate.

Every morning the children would come into class and check their seed pot. There was great excitement around the room on the day the first shoots started to appear. Every week the children recorded the growth of the plant and eventually the ‘Star Grower’ was announced. Congratulations Harry!

Apart from growing seed in pots the children also made cress heads and a garden in the glove. The children found it a great challenge having to push the wet cotton wool balls into each finger and then carefully placing the seeds inside.

The gloves were then attached to a sunny window and all we had to do next was sit and wait for the roots and shoots to appear. Which wasn’t too long!


I really loved making the cress heads because the cress looked like hair – Finn


I liked making the cress head as you got to eat the cress after – Jasmine


I enjoyed all of it, especially watching my bean grow so tall – Summer