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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning.
Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.”

Mini Marathon 2018

On behalf of the PFA we’d like to extend a massive thank you to all of the parents, carers and friends of Penpol School for their help raising a MASSIVE £1061 at this years Mini Marathon.

This is our best ever result at the marathon and you can relive all the highlights in this short video below.


Porthpean Year 5 Camp 2018

Before half term Year 5 enjoyed a brilliant week-long residential trip to Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre. We were blessed with wonderful weather for the 3 days which will hopefully last long in the memories of our Year 5 cohort.

After packing our bags onto the coach we set off on the hour long journey St Austell Bay where the campsite is situated. After a limited tears on departure and sick on arrival the children arrived and set their things down in their tents. You’ll be pleased to hear that the tents were regularly inspected with varying results of tidiness!

I loved the cycling, it was good fun. We started off riding around the field where we went over little ramps and stuff. We then went down a small road and then bumpy track. It was quite hard but really fun. My favourite bit was going down the giant hill because we could go really fast- Nathan, Class 11

The children were hoping to just have fun on camp, but these activities required them to engage their brains as well. The children had to show many of the skills that they show on a daily basis, teamwork, co-ordination, communication and lateral thinking. the activities included transporting a tennis ball 20 metres using only 5 meters of drainpipe; crossing a imaginary ravine using a limited number of yellow planks; all holding hands and having to untie a human arm knot. The children did really well, some were certainly better than others at listening to each other and working together! – Mr Peck

The beast was super fun! It is a wall made out of wooden planks which you have to climb over. It started off easy but got harder because it got higher when they added  more planks. Some people managed to get over on their own but others had to be helped by their friends. I managed to get over it quite a few times but I had to be helped by Dom when it got really high! I loved camp because we did lots of activities I have never done before.- Jamie, Class 12

We started with a warm up which consisted of stretches and traversing (that’s where you climb sideways just above ground level.) Then we got into our harnesses and helmets before we started climbing. It was really fun because everyone was trying their hardest and challenging themselves. I love climbing and go every week with my Mum. It was super cool to do it with my friends on camp. My favourite part of the activity was climbing up the hardest route whilst blindfolded! -Freya B, Class 12

Archery was pretty cool because we got to fire arrows at a target. We walked from the campsite to the archery range and started by having a go at hitting the target. Then we started to play some games like closest to the gold and baking a cake. To bake the cake your team have to hit all of the different colours to get all of the ingredients needed to make the cake. My team won! -Leo, Class 11

The high ropes course is an outdoor climbing thing which is high up off the ground. During the high ropes activity we did the leap of faith, zip wire, Jacob’s ladder and a 2 person battle course. The leap of faith was quite scary but really fun, you have to climb up and jump off the end of a platform whilst trying to touch the buoy which was hanging in front of you. The zip wire was amazing because you went so fast. The Jacob’s ladder was really hard as you had to climb up from pole to pole but they got further apart as you got higher. Only a few children got to the top as it was so high. Mr Stanlake made it look easy! I had to go against Zara on the battle course where you have to get past each other on the ropes to get to the top. I won as I pushed her off on the 3rd level! – Lily, Class 11

The beach day consisted of a whole host of different water based activities. The children had the chance to try 2 different activities, many of which they have never had the opportunity to try before. They could choose between; coasteering, stand-up paddle boarding, Canadian canoe rafting or sit on top kayaking. Their two activities were sandwiched with sandy sandwiches and ice-cream. It was brilliant to see the children having a real go at the activities in very testing conditions- Mr Stanlake




Fabulous Firemen visit Class 1 and 2

Hayle and Tolvaddon firemen kindly brought the fire engine to school to show the children the types of things they do to help people.

I liked it when i went in the fire truck. I saw the walkie talkies and torches – Erin Class 2

We learnt all about the different equipment on the firetruck. We had a look at the different sized hose reels and jets and learnt when they are used. We saw the 3 ladders carried on the roof and learnt when the firemen would use them. We saw the massive cutters and spreaders to cut cars open. We saw the winches that attach to the fireman if they have to be lowered down into a hole or over a cliff to rescue someone or an animal. We had a look inside the fire engine at the breathing apparatus, torches and walkie talkies.

Inside the classroom, we were lucky enough to learn all about fire safety in the home. We learnt how to stop drop and roll, all about smoke detectors in the home and we even got to dress up in the firefighters kit.

The highlight for most of the children had to be listening to the sirens and squirting the water.

My Daddy put me in the fire engine. I learnt about the hoses and how to stop, drop and roll when you’ve got your clothes on fire. My favourite bit was seeing Daddy – Skye Class 2

I liked the water and the fire engine – Nicolas Class 1

I liked squirting the water and I liked to see the fire engine. I love Daddy – Evie Class 1

Stars of the Week

Infant Star of the Week

Class 5 – Year 2 –Erin

Erin is a lovely, chatty and enthusiastic member of the class. She has worked hard all year and tried her best in all subjects. She can always be relied upon to have a go, answer questions and contribute to class discussions. Erin is also very helpful and incredible polite and well behaved. Well done Erin, keep up the great work!

Mrs Daniels

Junior star of the Week

Class 8 – Year 3 – Oliver

Class 8’s overall star of the week goes to Oliver.  He works so hard in all areas of his school life and has an excellent attitude to learning.  He is always positive and works very hard, even when he is faced with challenges.  Oliver has worked really hard with his this term and enjoyed our topic work.

Well done!

Mrs Connors /Mr Jones

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 –Reception – Hunter

Class 2’s star of the week is Hunter. Hunter is a brilliant member of class 2 and always has his hand up either to ask or answer a question. This week Hunter asked lots of great questions when the fire engine came to visit our class and even volunteered to dress up in the fireman’s uniform. In his learning, Hunter has done great work in maths and is writing numbers correctly to 100 and beyond. Well done Hunter on some great learning in class 2!

Miss Nidds

Class 4 –Year 1 – Harry

Huge congratulations to Harry from class 4. He has definitely earned his star of the week badge. He has written the most exciting, dramatic creative writing about him flying on his magic carpet. The adjectives he used for describing his erupting volcano were fantastic! It was a pleasure to read. Congratulations Harry.

Miss Ryan

Class 6 – Year 2 – Martynas

The star of the week in Class 6 is Martynas.

Martynas is a very thoughtful and caring young boy who always gives 100% towards his learning. This week Martynas has been working very hard on rounding numbers and is now able to add two numbers together and then round them to the nearest 10. He has also demonstrated that he is able to recognise books by the same author and give a detailed description of the author Anthony Browne.

Well done Martynas and keep up the hard work.

Mrs Ruffell

Class 7 – Year 3 – Zach

Zach is a lively member of the class who is beginning to become more engaged with his writing and math’s work.  Zach has some great ideas for his creative writing and perseveres with his math’s work too.  Very well done Zach.

Mrs Jane

Class 9– Year 4 -Ronnie

Ronnie is a very enthusiastic member of class 9. He bounces into school every morning with a smile on his face. When the teacher is talking he listens carefully to what he has been asked to do. He works really hard and once he has been set a piece of learning he will give it his full focus and concentration until complete. He is also able to cooperate well with others making him a popular member of the class. Well done Ronnie, keep up the good work

Mrs Hamilton / Mrs Peck

Class 12 – Maggie

I have been very impressed with Maggie’s recent results in maths tests. She has made so much maths progress this year because she tries really hard and enjoys the subject immensely. Maggie is very confident with number but I was so pleased with how she applied this to all the mathematical problems presented to her in the tests and in day-to-day learning. Her recent Greek play scripts were excellent. She listens really carefully in English to ensure she does her best. She has produced some fantastic art-work this week around Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Super work Maggie!

Mr Peck

Class 13 –Year 6 – Harry

Harry is my star of the week this week. He puts maximum effort into everything that he does and presents it beautifully. He does not get distracted easily and instead focuses on the task at hand. He is friendly and helpful and a super role model for others in the school to look up to. Well-done Harry!

Mr Pollard

Class 12 create their own E-Safety animation!

Over the last few weeks Class 12 have been building upon their knowledge learnt from their Online Safety lessons and have taken it upon themselves to share what they have learnt from the Be Internet Legends program with others.

In order to accomplish this they have worked in groups to create their own animation, based around the Be Internet Legends concept.  By writing their own dialogue and designing their own cartoon character, the children have created a short movie which you can enjoy below.  The animation itself has been created in a clever program called Adobe Character Animator, a piece of software which allowed the children to animate every aspect of their characters, from their eyes to their toes!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy Class 12 talking about how to become Internet Legends!


As well as this lovely animation, the other Year 5 and 6 classes are also working on their own short films so check back soon to see those as well.

In the meantime here are some more stories about the children enjoying the Internet Legends program.

Stars of the Week

Infant Star of the Week

Class 6 – Year 2 – Isabella

The trophy star of the week for KS1 is Isabella from Class 6. Isabella is a kind, friendly and polite young lady who always offers to look after her friends when they feel sad. Over the past two weeks, Isabella has been working very hard on ‘Information Text’ and demonstrating that she has the ability to research for information and also use a dictionary to find the meaning of new or challenging words. Well-done Isabella!

Mrs Ruffell

Junior Star of the Week

Class 7– Year  3 –Edie

Overall junior star of the week is Edie.  Edie has really taken on board working from our homework sheet about Hayle. Edie completed a fantastic detailed booklet with photos and writing about how she made Victoria biscuits, needless to say we all had a taste!  Fabulous. Edie also completed a lovely piece of artwork of the viaduct.  So very well done Edie

Mrs Jane

Class Stars of the Week

Class 1 – Reception – Issac

Isaac is our star of the week this week. His writing is coming on beautifully and he is starting to write sentences. Isaac is really good at his numbers too and has accurately worked out some tricky maths questions this week. Its Isaacs attitude to his work that makes him shine. He is keen, enthusiastic, follows instructions and tries his best. He works really hard and has great speaking and listening skills. Well done Isaac, keep up the good work.

Miss Aspden

Class 3 – Year 1 – Ethan

Ethan is this weeks star in class 3. He is consistently top boy in mental arithmetic and is able to explain his answers in maths problems. He has worked very hard to improve his handwriting and can write complete sentences spelling many words for himself. He is always cheerful and enthusiastic coming to school and joining in all activities.

Mrs Rodda

Class 5 – Year 2– Sonny

Sonny has worked incredibly hard on his writing skills this term. His English work is absolutely lovely, he always gives his best, settling quickly to a task and completing it accurately, having checked for sense and punctuation. His handwriting is beautiful, having worked so hard on this; the change from last September till now is fantastic. He loves writing and often brings in copied sheets from books from home to show how hard he has practised.  Well done sonny, keep up the great work.

Mrs Daniels

Class 8 – Year 3 – Jasmine

Jasmine is this weeks star of the week for class 8 as she has worked so hard on her writing.  Jasmine always tries really hard in every aspect of her school life.  She has worked really hard with her reading and this has had a huge impact on her writing.  Well-done Jasmine keep writing stories at home.

Mrs Connors and Mr Jones

Class 10 – Year 4 – Ariana

This week Ariana thoroughly deserves Star of the Week. Recently, Ariana has shown great maturity when handling tricky situations. She rises above it and does so maintaining her big smile. I could have given this to Ariana at any point of the year for her amazing writing, this week has been no different. She consistently produces amazing pieces of writing. Ariana has shown a real determination with her Maths. She has strived to learn all of her times tables and can now recall them quickly.

You’re an absolute pleasure to have the class Ariana! Keep up the good work!

Miss Simpson

Class 11 – Year 5 – Melissa

This weeks star of the week goes to Melissa ‘Mo Farah’. Melissa’s effort, determination and endeavour meant she ran more miles than most in the recent Penpol Marathon. Melissa is an unbelievably hard worker in the classroom whose work is always of an exceptional standard. She is a model pupil who deserves this award most weeks. Keep it up!

Mr Stanlake

Class 14 – Year 6 –Alex

Alex has been working incredibly hard these last few weeks in all areas of his work.  His behaviour has been excellent and he has been working incredibly hard in class helping others and sharing his work. Alex has a leading role in the end off year show and he has worked very hard at learning all of his lines and getting into character.  By doing so, he has set a fantastic example to everyone else in year six and I know that Mr Pollard and Mrs Turner are extremely grateful for this as it has made their job of preparing the show much easier.  Well-done Alex

Mr Wise