Class 10 are Internet Smart

Mr Woolcock

This half term we are looking at staying safe online, using a brand new set of resources from Google called ‘Be Internet Legends‘.  This week we’ve been looking at the first aspect, Be Internet Smart, which focuses on knowing what information is safe to share online and who we could be sharing with in order to stay safe.  We’ve also talked about being respectful online and remembering that comments and photos you post online tend to stay there for a very long time.

It’s been great to see how much the children have remembered from our online safety lessons last year, showing just how switched on our pupils are already when it comes to e-safety – Mr Woolcock

Remember children, if you see anything online which worries you or makes you feel a bit uneasy, you can always tell an adult!

“You need to be really careful who you share things with, any personal information should only be shared with people that you know in real life.” – Clarissa

As well as learning all about this, we’ve played the Mindful Mountain game on Interland to really help the children cement their new found knowledge!

“I think Interland is really fun and that everyone should play it to help them learn about staying safe online!” – Charlie


“You can be safe by not sharing personal information with the wrong people.” – Caleb

“I think Interland is a good way to learn about sharing because it’s safe and fun at the same time!” –  Grace