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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.”

Class 4 have an Art Attack!

Class 4 love art! They have been having great fun investigating materials in their art lessons and have been making metal sculptures using everyday objects including cheese graters, cutlery, tin cans, mixing bowls and anything else they can get their hands on! Check out their fantastic owl creations!

 I love the metal feather bits on your owl Lily. Can I help? – Alfie

Evie and Sienna are really happy with the way their owls are turning out. They are using jam jar lids for the eyes and sticking on squashed foil cases and beads. They’re looking great.

I like my owl. I want to take it home and show my mum. – Tyler

Ada and Flora help each other choose the best buttons and beads to stick on to the wings.

I love my owl. I brought in my sieve and my whisk from home and Mrs Anthoney helped me stick all the bits together. – Zak

I am really happy and so proud of the children. They put in a lot of hard work and were very creative. I think their owls look fantastic! – Miss Ryan

Owl Facts

  1. Owls live in barns, trees, old buildings and tunnels.
  2. Owls eat mice, rats, birds, raccoons, skunks, snakes, squirrels and other small mammals.
  3. Owls can’t digest bones, fur or feathers so they spit it out.
  4. Owls have sharp beaks that they use to shred their food.
  5. Owls grab their ‘prey’ with their sharp claws.
  6. Owls don’t make any sound when they fly.
  7. Owls camouflage themselves in the trees.

Year Four History Homework Challenge!

In Year Four, the children have been learning about the Romans and their time in Britain. Whilst learning, about the Roman Army, the children were really interested in this aspect and as a result, last week, the children were set an optional homework challenge. The children were tasked with making a historically accurate Roman shield. The teachers in year Four were overwhelmed and delighted with the response. Due to the outstanding quality of the work produced, all children who participated were given a golden ticket.

They look amazing in the classroom and some have even been used in Roman Army marching drills. The teachers would like to thank everyone who helped the children create these fabulous shields and we look forward to the products of the next challenge.


I really enjoyed making the shields – Tom – Class 4


Gramm…..azing work in Year 3 and 4!

After the teachers in Lower Key Stage Two participated in an inspiring training session, Year Three and Four have been focussing on grammar this week. Each class have been doing fun grammar games and activities.

In class eight, the children have been recapping word classes. The children needed to know what verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns and proper nouns are. Each group of children wrote down a word of a certain type and made human sentences, discussing and discovering what happens when words are moved about. We also learnt that if you start a sentence with an adverb, we call it a fronted adverbial.

In Year Four, we have been playing games and completing activities about conjunctions.  We have been finding out the differences between subordinating and co ordinating conjunctions and have applying this in our writing, placing conjunctions at different points in the sentences.


Reading Super Stars

A huge congratulations to Bruce, Zak and Ted from Class 4. They decided to take on the reading challenge in class 4 – to read as often as you can at home and climb the reading ladder. The boys successfully reached the top of the ladder by half term and all received a book of their choice. A fantastic effort boys, well done!

Miss Ryan set us a challenge. You had to read at home every night and if you did, you would climb up the reading ladder. I was the first one to get to the top and I got a prize. I was really happy. I read 39 times at home and I was star of the week.




Stars of of the Week

Infant Star of the Week

 Class 4 – Bruce

The overall star of the week for the infants this week is Bruce from class 4. Bruce is such a hard worker at home and at school. He has read 39 times at home and is the first person to reach the top of our reading ladder. Well-done Bruce. I hope you enjoy your prize. He also got all of his spellings right in this weeks spelling test! Fantastic effort Bruce, keep it up! 

Miss Ryan

Junior Star of the Week

 Class 10 – Harry 

Junior Star of the Week is Harry from Class 10

I am delighted to give junior star of the week to Harry Blewett! Over the last half term Harry has grown in confidence and there is never a day where Harry doesn’t have a smile that spreads across his face! He is also eager to answer questions and take part in all aspects of school life and has an amazing attitude towards his work, always trying his best without fuss. Harry has been working on his spellings and 3 Minute Maths, which has seen him excel through the different levels! I am so proud of you Harry! Keep it up 🙂 

Miss Simpson 


Industrial Inspiration for Year 5

Our Year 5 classes have been studying the Industrial Revolution over the last half term. They have looked in depth at inventor and inventions as well as it’s effect on the modern world.

I’ve really enjoyed researching inventors because it shows how important the Cornish are!

The children have been undertaking their own research on the 6 main factors: population, agriculture, factories, power, transport and empire as well as researching an inventor of their choice including Humphry Davy, George Stephenson and Richard Trevithick. Once cumulated the children used these notes and facts to plan and create a biography so they can share their research with each other and parents at home.

I found it amazing that George Stephenson made the first train, especially after teaching himself to read and write!

The Industrial Revolution has also provided inspiration for some wonderful art. The children studied the painting ‘Coalbrookdale By Night’ which was painted by Philip James de Loutherbourg in 1801, in the heart of the revolution, before creating their own.

Using paints and water the children created a wash to represent the fiery sky before designing and cutting out an industrial themed silhouette to lay on top.

Between the 49 children in year 5 they have produced some breath taking pieced of art work that can be seen on display outside of classes 11 and 12 but also in their topic books.

Star Award For Star Surf-lifesaver

Many of our children are members of the hugely successful and popular Surf lifesaving club in Hayle, which is fantastic. However, Zara (Class 11) was awarded this shield for being the ‘Most Enthusiastic Girl.’

It is always a pleasure to see our children awarded for their sporting achievement, however is much more pleasing to see them winning them for the attributes they possess. Skills such as determination, persistence, perseverance, communication , teamwork and in Zara’s case, enthusiasm, and trust me she has bags of it!

What a great achievement, well done!


Click here for more information about Hayle Surf Life Saving Club.

À bientôt chère Michèle!

We were all very sad to say farewell to Michèle our amazing French teacher after 16 years of fun French lessons in all classes throughout the school. Michèle managed to encourage children to speak French with confidence by participating in relaxed games, songs, plays and even a fashion show.

I liked the funny french monster book – Lylie.

At this years Harvest Festival Michèle took centre stage while everyone sang “Fraise et Fromboise” her own song about our love of fruit. The children looked forward to her lessons and she will be sorely missed.

Thank you for teaching us about colours and numbers – Imogen.


We loved the french songs – Louis.

The health and wellbeing of all our pupils is a priority at Penpol school. All infants are provided with a free healthy snack each day and given plenty of opportunities to exercise and keep fit. We start the day with “Wake up shake up” and regularly jump, climb and roll.

I can hang on to the ladder. I am brave and strong – Ethan.


I can climb up the rope – Teddy.

Stars of the Week – 13th October 2017

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 1 – Faith

Our infant star of the week is Faith. Faith has done some amazing writing this week and I am really impressed with her letter formation. She is linking sounds to letters and has written some great news writing. Faith is keen, attentive and is knowledgeable about many things and has a great attitude to her work. Well done Faith you truly deserve being star of the week for the infants. 

Miss Aspeden

Overall Junior Star of the Week 

Class 9 – Luke

Junior star of the week is Luke from year 4, Class 9.

Luke is really interested in finding out about the world around him and has a great general knowledge. He is particularly interested in those subjects, which help him to expand upon this knowledge like History and Science. He often has extra information to contribute to lessons and made a great Roman shield as part of the year 4 history homework challenge. He is also doing particularly well in maths and is already on card 4 in ‘3 Minute Maths’. Well done Luke, a great start to the year.

Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Peck

Class Stars of the Week

Class 2 – Emily 

Class 2’s star of the week is Emily.  Emily has a great attitude to her learning and she is always ready to give an answer to a question. This week she has given some brilliant answers to questions about Harvest and has shown she has been listening well. She is working really hard on her sounds and reading and is making great progress.

Miss Nidds

Class 4 – Ptolemy

This weeks star of the week is Ptolemy from Class 4. I am really pleased with Ptolemy because he is working really hard and showing lots of enthusiasm. He has started every lesson this week with “I’m going to be really good at this!” I love his new ‘I can do it attitude’! Ptolemy also did great work this week on telling the time. Congratulations Ptolemy. Keep it up.

Miss Ryan

Class 6 – Keira-Mae

The star of the week in Class 6 is Keira-Mae. Keira- Mae has had a brilliant start to the New Year and has been working very hard in all areas. Recently she has shown great perseverance during the maths lessons and has demonstrated that she is now able to solve number problems independently. She has also been working hard to improve her phonological awareness and handwriting skills.

Well done Keira-Mae and keep up the hard work!

Mrs Ruffell

Class 8 –Tess 

Tess is my star of the week because she always works hard in every area of her school life. I am delighted with how well she is reading and she is showing lots of confidence when tackling tricky words and sentences. Tess is quiet about her many successes, but as her teacher, I want to shout them out to the whole school. Well done Tess, keep reading.

Mrs Conners

Class 10 – Brodie

Star of the Week for Class 10 is Brodie.

I am delighted to give Brodie Star of the Week. He has shown an incredible attitude towards his learning and takes everything on board. Brodie has achieved full marks on every spelling test this term. Brodie himself has told me he that he practices his spellings every night and also reads. Within 3 minutes Maths Brodie has persevered and worked on his current card and I am sure he will move up soon! Keep up this brilliant attitude Brodie, you should be very proud!

Miss Simpson

Class 12 – Charlie 

Since the start of term, Charlie has shown great behaviour and attitude to learning in class. He listens carefully and works well in all areas. His presentation of work has been super and he has produced some lovely pieces of work. Keep it up Charlie!

Mr Peck

Class 14 – Sarah

Sarah is the star of the week in Class 14 this week. Sarah is always working hard and setting a fantastic example to all of her classmates through her willingness to be helpful and kind to everyone around her. Well-done Sarah.

Mr Wise