Industrial Inspiration for Year 5

Our Year 5 classes have been studying the Industrial Revolution over the last half term. They have looked in depth at inventor and inventions as well as it’s effect on the modern world.

I’ve really enjoyed researching inventors because it shows how important the Cornish are!

The children have been undertaking their own research on the 6 main factors: population, agriculture, factories, power, transport and empire as well as researching an inventor of their choice including Humphry Davy, George Stephenson and Richard Trevithick. Once cumulated the children used these notes and facts to plan and create a biography so they can share their research with each other and parents at home.

I found it amazing that George Stephenson made the first train, especially after teaching himself to read and write!

The Industrial Revolution has also provided inspiration for some wonderful art. The children studied the painting ‘Coalbrookdale By Night’ which was painted by Philip James de Loutherbourg in 1801, in the heart of the revolution, before creating their own.

Using paints and water the children created a wash to represent the fiery sky before designing and cutting out an industrial themed silhouette to lay on top.

Between the 49 children in year 5 they have produced some breath taking pieced of art work that can be seen on display outside of classes 11 and 12 but also in their topic books.