Learning About Autumn

Miss Nidds

Children in classes 1 and 2 have been busy learning about Autumn and Harvest this week.  We have learnt all about the changes that take place during Autumn such as the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees.  In class 2, we looked at different photos of Autumn scenes and the children have been painting the leaves onto trees using their fingers.

I used red, yellow and brown on my fingers for the leaves – Erin

I liked using my fingers to paint. My favourite colour was red – Ayveeahnah

In class 1, the children foraged for leaves in the wildlife garden and discussed the different trees the leaves came from. We studied the shape of them and the different colours. We then brought them back to class and painted them to make leaf prints.

 I liked learning about Autumn. My favourite picture was of the leaves in the wood – Kieran

In Autumn, the leaves fall down. They go gold, yellow and red. – Bella