Being Kind

The reception classes were lucky to be invited into assembly to see an amazing speaker called Bereford Lee with the local Tri Service Safety Officer Adrian Hart.

Beresford has formed a group called Rice and Peas which is a community project in Cornwall which promotes acceptance, inclusion and cultural diversity throughout the county.

The children were captivated as Beresford talked about the importance of being kind to each other regardless of where you come from, your nationality or the colour of your skin.

It doesn’t matter who has different coloured skin, you should be kind to people of different skin – Jasper

Beresford explained that sometimes some people have been unkind because of the colour of their skin, we know this is wrong.

He also told the children that we need to be friendly to all and show respect for one another which fitted in beautifully with our Penpol School Values of Friendship and Respect.

It’s fine if you have black or white skin you have to be kind to everyone – Frida

Adrian was on hand to tell the children all about the law and what could happen if people are unkind to each other.


Beresford explained how being unkind to each other can not only hurt the other people, but can hurt yourself too therefore you have to be kind to everyone, including yourself.

He spoke about kindness, you have to help people get up and not push them over. It doesn’t matter about other peoples skin you still have to be nice – Maia


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got black or white skin or any colour even rainbow, you have to be kind to everyone – Freya

The children really loved listening to both speakers and commented on how they were all going to be kind to everyone when they left the assembly.

Thank you so much for the interesting and inspiring assembly. Please come and visit us again very soon.