Year 4 create their own Map of Africa

This half term our Year 4’s have been studying ‘Which Way to Africa?’ as their topic.  Part of this exciting learning has involved creating Digital Art on the iPads.  

The children started learning all about the the tools available in our chosen drawing app (Sketches School) and then began to research an individual country in Africa.  We learnt about each country including landmarks, food, art, culture and geographic features.  The children then used this information to inspire them in their digital artwork.

"When I was doing my work I Googled a picture of what my country looks like and it was a burst of colour.  This inspired me to add lots and lots of colours to my picture.  I also searched for patterns from my country which I used in my drawing as well."
Sophia (C9)
South Africa

"This was an amazing project to work on and I wish I could do it over and over again with different countries! I learnt that Angola has amazing famous sculptures and building and many famous birds and beautiful patterns.  I think that the map itself looks amazing now it's all put together!"
Faith (C9)

To aide their artwork, each child created a ‘mood board’ of imagery from their chosen country.  We then used Adobe Colour on the iPads to extract the key colours from the images.  This meant each child had a custom palette of colours for their country – helping them all stand out and look unique.

"When Mr Woolcock first sent me my country I felt a bit nervous because I didn't know much about my country or what I could fit into the map, but at the end it turned out to be something that I'm really proud of.  My favourite part of the picture was doing the bubble writing, I really like doing the writing on the iPads!"
Violet (C9)

Finally the children bought everything together to fill in the outline of their country with themed text, imagery, the countries flag and other graphical elements which they felt best represented their chosen country.  

As well as combining these into the map above, you can also explore each individual country below.