Gramm…..azing work in Year 3 and 4!

After the teachers in Lower Key Stage Two participated in an inspiring training session, Year Three and Four have been focussing on grammar this week. Each class have been doing fun grammar games and activities.

In class eight, the children have been recapping word classes. The children needed to know what verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns and proper nouns are. Each group of children wrote down a word of a certain type and made human sentences, discussing and discovering what happens when words are moved about. We also learnt that if you start a sentence with an adverb, we call it a fronted adverbial.

In Year Four, we have been playing games and completing activities about conjunctions.  We have been finding out the differences between subordinating and co ordinating conjunctions and have applying this in our writing, placing conjunctions at different points in the sentences.