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Class 5 visit Marazion marshes


On the 5th October class 5 visited Marazion marshes to take part in a workshop given by the R.S.P.B to learn about the migration of birds.


The children had the opportunity to look through binoculars and see many of the different birds that lived in the marshes. The children also played games which helped them find out about the incredibly long journeys that birds such as the swallow and starling make at this time of year.

We used binoculars to look at the birds.

Did you know that swallows fly up to 200 miles a day? It takes them six long weeks of flying to get back to South Africa to escape our winter. They can feed on the wing but sadly many die of starvation on this epic journey.

“I loved looking through the binoculars. I could see the birds right up close!” – Toby


“I never knew swallow had such a long way to fly. It’s so far that some actually die.” – Oliver

Swallows fly up to 200 miles a day!