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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.”

Penpol Stars of the Week – 25th November 2016

Katie – Class 13

Over-all Junior Star of the Week

Class 13 – Katie

Katie constantly perseveres with her own learning. She has made her own times table booklet at home to help her with her studies. She has a great attitude, strives to improve her learning at all times and never gives up. She always has a smile on her face, even when the tough gets going. She is a pleasure to have in class. Well done Katie!

Mr Pollard











Ada – Class 2

Over-all Infant Star of the Week

Class 2 – Ada

Ada is a fantastic pupil! She is always working hard and brings in lots of homework. She has even been writing the dates on her work too!

Ada has made a picture of rainbows and drew a stunning picture of St Ives. Well done Ada.

Miss Simpson












Class Stars of the Week


CLASS 1 – Ethan

Ethan has produced some fabulous phonic work this week. He has been writing lots of CVC words on his own in class. Also, Ethan has been very interested in the weather topic we have been studying and has been bringing in lots of pictures and information to share with the class. Well done Ethan!

Miss Aspden


Class 2 – Sienna

Sienna has shown us once again that she is a wonderful person. This week she has been a really kind friend, always helping and sharing the toys. Sienna is an all round superstar!

Miss Simpson


Class 3 – Obi

Obi has done lots of excellent things this week. He has been reading Happy Families and shown that he is a brilliant reader. He has been working hard at his maths, counting money including 50p’s. Not only that, Obi has produced very neat handwriting and he has been very brave with his spellings. Well-done Obi.

Mrs Rodda


Class 4 – Dylan

Dylan has been brilliant at rehearsing the play this week. He has been paying very close attention and shown that he is very reliable. He has demonstrated great speaking skills and wonderful acting skills. I am very proud of Dylan.

Miss Ryan


Class 5 – Zach

Zack has made tremendous progress with his writing this week. He has tried so hard and is now writing sentences independently. He says writing is the best! Well done Zack.

Mrs Daniel


Class 6 – Summer

Summer is a fantastic young girl. She has been chosen as Class 6 Star of the Week because she always tries very hard in all her subjects. In fact, because of her perseverance, Summer is making a great improvement in her handwriting.

Mrs Ruffell


Class 7 – Brodie

Brodie has been working very hard in our topic about Ancient Egypt. He has shown great creative skills by making a superb golden sarcophagus which even has with a mummy inside! To make it, he used papier-mâché and then decorated the sarcophagus with gold and blue paint.

Mrs Jane


Class 8 – Solomon

Solomon has shown that he has a great scientific mind this week. He has been working on our topic ‘Electricity’ and asking lots of scientific questions. His participations and positive attitude to his topic work has been fantastic.

Mrs Connors


Class 9 – Ethan

Ethan is always brings in extra work from home including models, reports and research about class topics. He has shown that he is a great learner and excellent role model.

Mrs Hamilton


Class 10 – William

This week’s star is going to be William and he has been chosen because of the amazing homework he did recently. Class 10 were asked to spend some time over the weekend working on Mathletics with the aim of getting 7 gold bars. In fact William went home on Friday with 2 bars and returned on Monday with 27 gold bars. Fantastic work William!

Mr Stanlake


Class 11 – Sarah

Sarah has recently started learning to play the recorder and she has made great progress. With lots of practice at home she can now play Jingle Bells and has nearly mastered Rudolph the red nose Reindeer. She has also started playing the flute and has made great strides with this too, reading music confidently and producing a great tone. Well done for all your hard work and commitment Sarah.

Mr Little


Class 12 – Iris

Iris has been chosen as Class 12’s Star this week because she always approaches her work with a very positive attitude. Iris has shown that she is very determined and whatever she does, no matter how hard or challenging it is, she will always try to do her very best.

Mr Wise


CLASS 13 – Joshua HC

Joshua always does everything that is asked of him. He never sits back even when he has finished his work. In fact when he has finished his work he asks for more because he wants to be constantly learning!

Mr Pollard


Sewing Club


Every Monday after school this term, some of the Year 1 and 2 children have been learning how to sew with Miss Simpson.

They have learnt how to thread needles and tie knots. They have also looked at weaving and how to use different types of stitches. It’s not as easy as it sounds because it requires a lot of patience and concentration. However, the children have risen to the challenge and produced some very creative pieces.

To help them further develop their sewing skills, the children have even been given a piece of canvas, their own needle and some thread to practice at home.

The club has proved to be a great success and the children have really enjoyed the opportunity.


I have stopped watching TV and all the I do is my sewing now. – Elexa

The children are currently working towards making their own Christmas decorations. Keep a look out for their finished masterpieces.


Penpol Year 6 pupils are ‘Hands On’ with carpentry!


This term we have introduced our Year 6 pupils to the exciting world of woodwork and carpentry.

As part of our vocational and creative curriculum, each Year 6 child is being given the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to design and make a wooden bird box.

Before building their bird boxes, the children learnt how to use Technical Drawing skills to produce detailed, three-dimensional and scaled plans of the bird boxes they intended to make. This is quite a tricky process because it involves precision measurements and drawing using t-squares and setsquares.

However, the children have worked very hard and produced some very impressive drawings.


To help make the bird boxes, John Meardon has kindly offered to come in each week and share his expertise in carpentry.

He has been guiding the children on how to use tools safely and teaching them the skills they will need to successfully make their bird boxes. He has also given some really good tips, especially when it comes to the trickier parts of putting the boxes together.


img_8371  img_8225

The children have carefully followed their designs using a measuring tape and square to mark out the timber needed for their bird boxes.

Between cutting, hammering, drilling and sanding, they have worked together and produced fantastic looking bird boxes.

The finished products are very impressive and John has commented on how well the children have worked together. He has also complimented the Year 6 pupils on their listening skills, determination and excellent manners.


Woodworking provides children with the opportunity to develop a broad range of practical skills. It enables them to develop eye-hand coordination, their spatial awareness, their sense of precision, and understanding how to use potentially dangerous tools safely.

Hand in hand with these skills goes a wide variety of other concepts such as abstract reasoning, mathematics, problem solving, fine motor skills, respect for tools, and (hopefully) patience!

It also empowers them to become independent thinkers – building confidence, self-esteem, and a range of practical skills that will last them a lifetime!

Class 5 Explore Materials Through Wicker Work

In connection with our science topic on ‘Materials’, Class 5 was really lucky to have a visit from Jazmin’s aunty Caroline. Caroline is very creative and she makes absolutely marvellous wicker pieces, from baskets to lobster pots.

During her visit she brought in examples of her craft and even showed us how she makes them. We learnt so much about this ancient craft and are now weaving fish using a wicker frame and raffia. It’s not as easy as it looks, as the children are discovering, we’ll let you know how we get on and will post some photos of the finished product!

Class 5 visit the Maritime Museum in Falmouth

In connection with our history topic on the Titanic, Class 5 visited the Maritime Museum in Falmouth to participate in a “Wreck and Rescue” workshop and a model boat making session. We learnt all about Henry Trengrouse, a Helston man, who back in 1807 witnessed the ship wreck of the ‘Anson’ off Loe Bar. An engineer by trade, he was devastated by the loss of life due to a lack of life saving equipment and so went on to invent a rocket life saving apparatus and the early form of the Breeches buoy.


Seth, from the museum set up a mini demonstration out on the balcony and the children were involved in rescuing John Henry, a fisherman using a model of Trengrouse’s invention


The children were able to test their boats on the lake in the museum, Luke won!


Myles has a go on the ‘ look outs ‘ chair used to help them get to the crows nest.


The children were also able to play on modern day rescue apparatus, a R.N.L.I dinghy, jet ski and inflatable life raft.


Thomas rescues Toby!


Boat building at the museum.


We all learnt a lot and had a brilliant day!



Code Club off to a flying start

Last week some of our Year 6’s launched our very first Code Club, here at Penpol School.  With support from Mr Woolcock, the team of Year 6 boys have been sharing their coding knowledge with over SEVENTY children who’ve been enjoying Code Club.


Harry, Connor, Morgan and Zak have taken on the responsibility of running the club over multiple lunchtimes, in order to ensure that everyone who wants to has the opportunity to spend half an hour being creative on the computers.  Already they’ve had to turn children away though as the queues to get in have been out the door!


“It’s been great fun teaching the juniors coding, particularly the Year 4’s because they are very new to coding.” – Harry, Y6

In Code Club the children are allowed to use Scratch, MicroBits and sometimes even Xcode to create whatever they can imagine.  Whether it be a game, a puzzle, a character or even an interactive quiz, our Juniors are showing that there really is no limit to what they can do on the computers.

“It’s been great fun so far, because it’s teaching the younger ones to code and helping me with my own coding skills.” – Connor, Y6


If you’d like to come along to code club then please check the poster below to see which day your year group are invited to.



The Mosquitoes Rock Reception

The Mosquitoes rocked the reception classes this week with their much anticipated concert. Taking timeout from their busy tour schedule, Paul, Neil, Geoff, Billy and front man Graeme (Sabina from Class 1’s dad) brought the classroom down with their fabulous mix of South American rock with a hint of Cornish punk.

With classics such as Seve Ballesteros and Where’s My Hat, the reception children boogied, jumped, jived and moshed to the upbeat and melodic tunes.

The Mosquitoes energy and enthusiasm was infectious. The children loved learning all about the different instruments and even got a chance to play alongside their heroes. The children strummed along on the guitars, sung into the microphones and had a go at playing the drums. The popular band who are much in demand were headlining Connor Downs after our visit.


The band featured drummer Billy (Kane from class 8’s dad) who saved the day by stepping in last minute due to the usual Mosquitoes drummer being unable to make the gig.

The children from Class 1 and Class 2 absolutely loved the fab five!

“I liked Paul, he helped me play the guitar.” – Phoebe.

“They were really good singers and really good players. I liked the drums. I liked Sabina’s Daddy.“ – Lylie.

“The band was really good. I really love Daddy so much. Daddy was singing really good.” – Sabina.

“There’re the best band I’ve ever seen,” – Felix

“I think it was really good.” – Alex.

“I liked playing the guitars and using the microphones.” – Ethan.

“I liked singing into the microphone.” – Penny.

“I liked playing on the drums and being the drummer.” – Harvey.

“I liked the guitars. I liked Geoff and Neil because they were brilliant.” – Louis.

Surfing’s on the Curriculum at Penpol

We are very fortunate at Penpol School to be situated by the sea next to three miles of glorious beaches and golden sand. In this area of outstand natural beauty, we have some of the best beaches in Cornwall offering fantastic surfing opportunities.

Living next to the Atlantic, however, does come with its own hazards and dangers, especially when it comes to being safe in the sea.

At Penpol School we take beach safety very seriously.

We have a close connection with several of our community partners including the RNLI, Shore Surf and Hayle Surf-Lifesaving Club. These partners regularly present whole school assemblies, discussing the dangers of the sea and encouraging the children to reflect on the importance of beach safety.

At Penpol School we also believe that our children should be taking full advantage of their geographical location and safely enjoying the unique area in which they live. With this in mind, we have made surfing a compulsory part of our curriculum for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

Teaming up with Shore Surf School and their fully qualified expert surf-instructors, each pupil has participated in five two-hour surf lessons, working towards Level 2 Shore Surf Award.

This has involved meeting various expectations and demonstrating a number of key skills including:

  • Changing in and out of a wetsuit unaided.
  • Working as a team and supporting each other.
  • Perseverance and determination
  • Knowledge of water safety and recognising hidden dangers
  • Developing confidence in the water
  • Catching a wave
  • Popping to their feet and surfing for five seconds or more
  • Demonstrating balance and co-ordination.

This is the second year our pupils have taken part in surfing and it has proved to be a great success.


Pupil comments –

I found the past five Thursdays the most enjoyable days of the week and that was because of the surfing – Zehava

I enjoyed surfing very much this year. I think I have learnt so much in the five weeks. I stood up for the first time ever and caught some really cool waves. The instructors were very kind and taught us how to do some impressive tricks – Erin

I loved going surfing this term even though sometimes the waves were huge! We learnt very quickly how to stand up and then how to go faster, as well as slow down on a wave. Soon after this we were taught to turn and dismount safely – Tilly

I enjoyed surfing so much this term that I think we should go again next term. I think surfing should be on the curriculum because we live by the sea and we learn how to be safe in the water – Jake

Penpol Give Hockey A Go!

Nine of our budding hockey players made their way to Penzance Hockey Club on Wednesday to represent Penpol School in the Penwith District Hockey League.

Motivated by the recent success of the England Ladies gold medal winning hockey team, the children took part in hopefully the first game of a long hockey career. The team performed magnificently in all three games that they took part in against local teams, unfortunately only managing to gain one draw.

But enjoyment was the aim and there were bags full of it to go around. With three games under our belts we now look forward to taking our experience into the next round of fixtures.

Micro:Bits have arrived at Penpol!

This term we’ve bought a whole classes worth of BBC Micro:Bits to use with Year 5 and 6!

These tiny computers are incredibly clever and already we’ve had classes using them to make compasses, thermometers and little pocket-sized games.  These Micro:Bits have proved such a hit in the last few days that we’re going to make sure everyone in Key Stage 2 gets the chance to learn to code with them this year, starting with Year 5 and 6.


While the children are used to coding using Scratch on the computers, being able to make programs which run on these little devices is even more exciting as they can be taken outdoors and used just about anywhere.  Over the year we’ll be using our Micro:Bits for science experiments, music lessons and more.  We’ll also make sure they’re available to use at lunchtime Code Club incase anybody wants to try making their own ideas into reality using the Micro:Bits.