Class 5 visit the Maritime Museum in Falmouth

Mrs Daniel

In connection with our history topic on the Titanic, Class 5 visited the Maritime Museum in Falmouth to participate in a “Wreck and Rescue” workshop and a model boat making session. We learnt all about Henry Trengrouse, a Helston man, who back in 1807 witnessed the ship wreck of the ‘Anson’ off Loe Bar. An engineer by trade, he was devastated by the loss of life due to a lack of life saving equipment and so went on to invent a rocket life saving apparatus and the early form of the Breeches buoy.


Seth, from the museum set up a mini demonstration out on the balcony and the children were involved in rescuing John Henry, a fisherman using a model of Trengrouse’s invention


The children were able to test their boats on the lake in the museum, Luke won!


Myles has a go on the ‘ look outs ‘ chair used to help them get to the crows nest.


The children were also able to play on modern day rescue apparatus, a R.N.L.I dinghy, jet ski and inflatable life raft.


Thomas rescues Toby!


Boat building at the museum.


We all learnt a lot and had a brilliant day!