Penpol Year 6 pupils are ‘Hands On’ with carpentry!

Mr Pollard


This term we have introduced our Year 6 pupils to the exciting world of woodwork and carpentry.

As part of our vocational and creative curriculum, each Year 6 child is being given the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to design and make a wooden bird box.

Before building their bird boxes, the children learnt how to use Technical Drawing skills to produce detailed, three-dimensional and scaled plans of the bird boxes they intended to make. This is quite a tricky process because it involves precision measurements and drawing using t-squares and setsquares.

However, the children have worked very hard and produced some very impressive drawings.


To help make the bird boxes, John Meardon has kindly offered to come in each week and share his expertise in carpentry.

He has been guiding the children on how to use tools safely and teaching them the skills they will need to successfully make their bird boxes. He has also given some really good tips, especially when it comes to the trickier parts of putting the boxes together.


img_8371  img_8225

The children have carefully followed their designs using a measuring tape and square to mark out the timber needed for their bird boxes.

Between cutting, hammering, drilling and sanding, they have worked together and produced fantastic looking bird boxes.

The finished products are very impressive and John has commented on how well the children have worked together. He has also complimented the Year 6 pupils on their listening skills, determination and excellent manners.


Woodworking provides children with the opportunity to develop a broad range of practical skills. It enables them to develop eye-hand coordination, their spatial awareness, their sense of precision, and understanding how to use potentially dangerous tools safely.

Hand in hand with these skills goes a wide variety of other concepts such as abstract reasoning, mathematics, problem solving, fine motor skills, respect for tools, and (hopefully) patience!

It also empowers them to become independent thinkers – building confidence, self-esteem, and a range of practical skills that will last them a lifetime!