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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.” - our Penpol School vision.

Year 4 Curriculum

On this page you will find our Topic Planning for each term, which includes both an information sheet which is used to inform lesson planning as well as a grid of Home Learning activities.

Curriculum Plans - Term by Term

Autumn Term: Romans

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Spring Term: What's the Next Big Idea?

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Summer Term: Earthquakes & Explosions

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Our Year 4 Team

Mr S Cross

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Peck

Class 10 Teacher and Science Coordinator

Mrs A Anthoney

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Ryan

Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Keeler

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss A Gilman

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss N Blight

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr J Emery

Class 9 Teacher and Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator

Miss A Seddon

Teaching Assistant
Year 4 Curriculum Overview

This section is being currently updated and may not reflect the curriculum grids at the top of this page.

Autumn Term 1: Romans

Autumn Term 2: Food Around the World

Spring Term 1: Robots

Spring Term 2: Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Summer Term 1: Our Planet

Summer Term 2: Environmental Awareness

Autumn Term 1: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

Autumn Term 2: Perimeter, Multiplication and Division

Spring Term 1: Multiplication and Division, Area

Spring Term 2: Fractions, Decimals

Summer Term 1: Decimals, Money and Time

Summer Term 2: Geometry (properties of shape), Position and Direction

Autumn Term 1: I Was a Rat

Autumn Term 2: Pugs of the Frozen North

Spring Term 1: The Iron Man

Spring Term 2: How to Train a Dragon

Summer Term 1: Gregory Cool

Summer Term 2: One Plastic Bag

Autumn Term 1: Changing States

Autumn Term 2: Animals including humans (digestive system)

Spring Term 1: Electricity

Spring Term 2: Sound

Summer Term: Habitats

Autumn Term 1: Countries of Europe

Autumn Term 2: Countries of Europe, Cultures

Summer Term 1: Settlements, Mapping

Summer Term 2: Pollution, Human Impact

Autumn Term: Romans

Spring Term: Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Autumn Term 1: Introduction to Judaism

Autumn Term 2: The Bible, Celebrations

Spring Term 1: Arrival of Saints

Spring Term 2: Easter

Summer Term 1: Judaism, Family and Community

Summer Term 2: Christian Church in the World

Autumn Term 1: BSL

Autumn Term 2: Growth Mindset

Spring Term 2: E-Safety

Autumn Term 1: Roman Songs

Autumn Term 2: To take part in performing in singing accurately, follow the melody

Spring Term 1: Recognising Beat

Spring Term 2: Emotive music, controlling sound using voice and instruments

Summer Term 1: Sounds in nature composing

Summer Term 2: Using a symbol to represent a composition

Autumn Term 1: My School, My Subjects

Autumn Term 2: Carnival clowns and clothes

Spring Term 1: Healthy eating and going to the market

Spring Term 2: Time in the city

Summer Term 1: Out of this world

Summer Term 2: Going to the seaside

Autumn Term 1: Parkour (Gymnastics), Hockey

Autumn Term 2: Health related exercise, Swimming

Spring Term 1: Gymnastics Invasion

Spring Term 2: Invictus Games, Tennis

Summer Term 1: Athletics, Swimming

Summer Term 2: Rounders, Athletics

Autumn Term 1: Topic linked – mosaics (Colin Thompson)

Autumn Term 2: Food / exploring textures

Spring Term 1: Techniques

Spring Term 2: Weaving / Clay

Summer Term 1: Cornish Landscapes Artists

Summer Term 2: Focussed Artist

Autumn Term 1: 3D Printing

Autumn Term 2: Scratch 3

Spring Term 1: MicroBits

Spring Term 2: E-Safety

Summer Term 1: Key Software

Summer Term 2: Lego WEDO 2.0 Robotics

Autumn Term 1: Design Roman Shields/Swords

Autumn Term 2: Cooking

Spring Term 1: Making Robots

Spring Term 2: Weaving / Clay

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