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Year 4 Curriculum

Our experienced and highly dedicated teachers and assistants in Year 4 pride themselves on their creative approach to teaching. We continue to build upon children’s prior knowledge in Year 3 and strive to embed a love of learning that encourages all children to be self-motivated, inquisitive and happy learners.  We recognise that every child is special and unique. Working closely together, teachers plan and deliver creative lesson that cater for pupils of all abilities and dispositions. We have a dedicated team of support workers who help pupils where needed.

We strive to create a safe and stimulating classroom environment, which is steeped in mutual respect.  The children take part in several curriculum workshops and activities in science, art and history. We encourage creativity in every area of the curriculum and endeavour to foster a love of the arts through drama, dance, literature and music.

We also ensure that the children have the skills they need to be a successful member of our modern British society. We ensure they have an understanding of different beliefs and cultures and learn acceptance, tolerance and respect towards others.

By the end of Year 4 we want our pupils to:

  • Be self-motivated and dedicated learners
  • Begin to assess their own input into their learning and how to make improvements
  • Be independent readers and confident with Times Tables
  • Intrinsically motivated to investigate topics at home and be creative
  • Show a high level of courtesy and respect to all members of our school community and beyond
Year 4 Teaching Staff
Mrs J Riches
Class 10 Teacher and English Coordinator
Mr C Jones
Class 9 Teacher and Music Coordinator
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Year 4 Support Staff
Miss A Gilman
Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Anthoney
Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Stanlake
Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
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Year 4 Curriculum Overview

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Autumn Term 1: Romans

Autumn Term 2: Food Around the World

Spring Term 1: Robots

Spring Term 2: Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Summer Term 1: Our Planet

Summer Term 2: Environmental Awareness

Autumn Term 1: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

Autumn Term 2: Perimeter, Multiplication and Division

Spring Term 1: Multiplication and Division, Area

Spring Term 2: Fractions, Decimals

Summer Term 1: Decimals, Money and Time

Summer Term 2: Geometry (properties of shape), Position and Direction

Autumn Term 1: I Was a Rat

Autumn Term 2: Pugs of the Frozen North

Spring Term 1: The Iron Man

Spring Term 2: How to Train a Dragon

Summer Term 1: Gregory Cool

Summer Term 2: One Plastic Bag

Autumn Term 1: Changing States

Autumn Term 2: Animals including humans (digestive system)

Spring Term 1: Electricity

Spring Term 2: Sound

Summer Term: Habitats

Autumn Term 1: Countries of Europe

Autumn Term 2: Countries of Europe, Cultures

Summer Term 1: Settlements, Mapping

Summer Term 2: Pollution, Human Impact

Autumn Term: Romans

Spring Term: Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Autumn Term 1: Introduction to Judaism

Autumn Term 2: The Bible, Celebrations

Spring Term 1: Arrival of Saints

Spring Term 2: Easter

Summer Term 1: Judaism, Family and Community

Summer Term 2: Christian Church in the World

Autumn Term 1: BSL

Autumn Term 2: Growth Mindset

Spring Term 2: E-Safety

Autumn Term 1: Roman Songs

Autumn Term 2: To take part in performing in singing accurately, follow the melody

Spring Term 1: Recognising Beat

Spring Term 2: Emotive music, controlling sound using voice and instruments

Summer Term 1: Sounds in nature composing

Summer Term 2: Using a symbol to represent a composition

Autumn Term 1: My School, My Subjects

Autumn Term 2: Carnival clowns and clothes

Spring Term 1: Healthy eating and going to the market

Spring Term 2: Time in the city

Summer Term 1: Out of this world

Summer Term 2: Going to the seaside

Autumn Term 1: Parkour (Gymnastics), Hockey

Autumn Term 2: Health related exercise, Swimming

Spring Term 1: Gymnastics Invasion

Spring Term 2: Invictus Games, Tennis

Summer Term 1: Athletics, Swimming

Summer Term 2: Rounders, Athletics

Autumn Term 1: Topic linked – mosaics (Colin Thompson)

Autumn Term 2: Food / exploring textures

Spring Term 1: Techniques

Spring Term 2: Weaving / Clay

Summer Term 1: Cornish Landscapes Artists

Summer Term 2: Focussed Artist

Autumn Term 1: 3D Printing

Autumn Term 2: Scratch 3

Spring Term 1: MicroBits

Spring Term 2: E-Safety

Summer Term 1: Key Software

Summer Term 2: Lego WEDO 2.0 Robotics

Autumn Term 1: Design Roman Shields/Swords

Autumn Term 2: Cooking

Spring Term 1: Making Robots

Spring Term 2: Weaving / Clay

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