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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning.
Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.”

Penpol’s Netball Players Win Thriller!

Penpol’s netball team consisting of boys and girls from years 5 & 6, won 4-3 against Newlyn in a tightly contested match at Mounts Bay Academy. The team have been travelling to the venue fortnightly to play in the Penwith School’s High 5 league.


The format required the players to rotate positions throughout the match and it was clear to see that the hard work of both coaches and players paid off!


Well done TEAM!

Perfect Pancakes in Reception

Class 1 and 2 had a great time celebrating Shrove Tuesday. The children learnt all about why we traditionally eat pancakes before the start of lent and how it relates to the Christian religion.

We have pancake day so we can use up all the things in our cupboards we can’t eat for 40 days – Hazel.

Before making the pancakes, we thought about what ingredients we needed and how to make them. We wrote some instructions on how to make a pancake to help us make perfect pancakes.

Its pancake day today, we eat lots of pancakes. I have butter and jam on them. Mummy makes them with eggs and sugar and flour and milk – Safi

Next we had a go at measuring out the ingredients and mixing them together to make the batter. After they were cooked we added sugar and lemon juice and tucked in.

They are yummy, I love pancakes – Alex.

I like blueberries on mine – Harvey

Finally, there was enough batter left over to make one final pancake for flipping. The children found it hilarious when it occasionally ended up either on their shoulders, on their knees, in the book corner or on the floor!

My Mummy made pancakes and when she flipped it, it landed on the floor – Phoebe.

Icarus & Harry: Computing Stars of the Week

This half term we are launching our new award for excellence in Computing!  The winners of this hotly-contested award will get their own unique, 3D-Printed Computing Star medal to keep forever.

Our first winners are…

Key Stage 1 – Icarus (Class 5)

Icarus wins the first Star of the Week award for his incredible problem solving skills, determination and enthusiasm whilst completing the courses on code.org.  Over the past few weeks Icarus has completed 138 different puzzles and has written a staggering 682 lines of code!  This means he’s the first child at Penpol to finish the level 1 coding course, so well done Icarus. – Mr Woolcock

Key Stage 2 – Harry

I could think of at least 20 different reasons why Harry deserves to win the Key Stage 2 Star of the Week award – his continual drive to learn, helping to hand out the iPads to every class each day, offering support to other children who are stuck and his outstanding problem solving skills when coding are just a few of those reasons.  But he’s won the award for his all-around helpfulness and commitment to running Code Club for Key Stage 2.  Every week Harry is the first into the Mac Suite at lunchtime and helps sign in other children, helps anyone who is stuck and still finds time to create and code his own iOS apps and games.  He’s a genuine help to myself and Paul in the ICT Suite and is a very deserving first recipient of this award.  Well done Harry. – Mr Woolcock

Reception Go Wild!

Both Reception classes were lucky enough to have a hands on experience with some of dinosaur’s closest relatives. Marks Ark came in and taught the children all about fossils, dinosaurs and how there are still some animals alive today that were around back then.

Fossils are animals that are underground and have lived in hard rocks – Harry.

Mark explained that animals eat lots of different types of food and taught the children that meat eaters are carnivores, vegetarians are herbivores and those that eat both are omnivores.


A T-Rex is a carnivore, because they eat other dinosaurs – explained Caio.

Marks Ark provided the children with a fantastic opportunity to learn in a very engaging way. As Mark was explaining about different animals, the classes got to meet Terry the Tegu, Matilda the python, Pilot the turkey vulture and a millipede. We also got to watch mark feed Pilot.


Did you know that dinosaur comes from the Latin for “Terrible Lizard”?

I liked the lizard because at the back of his tail it was really bumpy – James

The dinosaurs died out because a meteorite hit planet earth – Ethan

I liked the snake because it was soft on the top and soft on the bottom – Lylie


I like the snake because it was really long – Felix


A fossil is dinosaur bones – Sabina



Lylie’s Amazing Half Term Diary!

During the half term break Lylie created an amazing diary all about the exciting events she got up to with her family during the week. In her diary, Lylie wrote all about the delicious cupcakes she made with her sister Gracey Grace, using chocolate chips and chocolate icing.

She then wrote about the bike ride she went on with her Nanny and also the football match she watched where her brother Jack score a goal!

I made this  diary for the whole class. I love how I made it. My favourite day was when Jack played football because he scored a goal and I cheered.

She wrote all about the delicious pancakes she had made and then she described how she went to the beach and collected shells and seaweed to make a fabulous beach collage at home.

I went to the beach to pick up real shells and real seaweed up so I could put it in this picture.

Finally Lylie told her diary all about how she walked her nanny’s dog Bilko and really enjoyed having her cousin Sienna over to her house.

We walked my nanny’s dog on the beach and with me and Nanny and my Grandpa and he is called Bilko and really big and his fur is all white.



Penpol Stars of the Week

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 4 – Tiana

Tiana is a fantastic artist and has produced some top quality work. Her portrait of Samuel Pepys and King Charles II – linked with our Great fir of London topic is outstanding. In our art lessons we have been drawing buildings and using water colours. Tiana’s paintings are so beautiful and creative I wish I were as talented as her. Well-done Tiana.

Miss Ryan

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 7 – Jasmine

Jasmine has been chosen because as she has made great strides in her literacy and math’s now. Jasmine over the last several months has greatly gained in self-confidence and is steadily becoming a lovely member of class who is taking part more in classroom discussions and Jasmine is also taking a much ore confident approach towards her work. Jasmine is widening her friendship groups and making strides in working with others. Very well-done Jasmine.

Mrs Jane

Class Stars of the Week

Class 1 – Maisie

Maisie is our special person of the week because she has done some amazing writing. Maisie has really improved her letter formation and is linking sounds to letters and forming words and sentences correctly. Well –done Maisie keep up the great work.

Miss Aspden

Class 2 – Charlie

Over the last week Charlie has really shone with his reading. He has amazed all the adults at Penpol School with his hard work and determination. Charlie has excelled and sees him now writing and reading sentences. The biggest joy has come from Charlie’s attitude and confidence towards his work, he now wants to read and write at every opportunity and does it with a big smile on his face. I am so proud of you Charlie! Well-done.

Miss Simpson


Class 3 – Aidan

Aiden gets star of the week for Class 3 this week because he is and excellent student in following the rules for learning. His focus is during learning is fantastic by looking, listening, touching, saying, remembering, share, repeat and finally persevere he is a role model to other children. He has produced some lovely handwriting this week and has also excelled in spelling and reading. An excellent week Aiden. Thank you.

Mrs Rodda


Class 4 – Austin

Austin has been chosen because his listens really well during lesson time and this week has been putting up his hand and joining in with class discussion a lot more. You have really good ideas Austin. Well-done.

Miss Ryan


Class 5 – William

William is a very hardworking and conscientious member of class 5. He is very methodical and thorough, really thinking about his work and has also been trying to improve his handwriting, which is so much better. Well-done William, keep up the great effort.

Mrs Daniels


Class 6 – Patrick

The star of the week in Class 6 is Henry. Henry is a polite, caring, and friendly young man who always tries his very best at all times. When faced with new challenges, Henry will never gives up; he always perseveres until he is able to understand what is required. Over the past two weeks, Henry has worked extremely hard during the math’s lessons and is now able to work out a variety of number problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Well done Henry, it has been a pleasure watching you work out so many problems.

Mrs Ruffell


Class 7 – Eva

Eva is new to Penpol and has now settled in very well, making some new friends. Eva has already shown that she is capable of producing some excellent work and is a lovely polite young lady who is a delight to teach. Eva works without fuss and completes all given tasks with great concentration. Well-done Evan!

Mrs Jane


Class 8 – Joe

Joe has had a great week. He has performed well in English and math’s and has enjoyed acting out our Shakespeare story. This week Joe enjoyed science and has a keen interest in all things related to rocks and fossils. You can always count on Joe’s positive character to brighten up everyone’s day. Well-done!

Mrs Connors


Class 9 – Amy

Amy works really hard all of the time. Her homework is always done on time and she always tries her hardest in lessons. She frequently brings in work from home that relates to our topic work but she is star of the week this week because even when she was poorly she did extra school-work at home to extend her learning. She is enthusiastic, kind and polite. Well-done Amy.

Mrs Hamilton & Mrs Peck


Class 10 – Trystan

Trystan has really found his voice this week, combining his knowledge of materials and their properties with his ability to deliver it to the class he has been a real asset to Class 10. Trystan is turning into a very confident young man and is a pleasure to teach due to his perseverance and desire to improve. Well-done Trystan you deserve it!

Mr Stanlake


Class 11 – Andreja

Andreja has been working particularly hard at the moment in both literacy and maths. She has scored full marks in her last two spelling tests and has tried very hard when re-writing some short Cornish myths. She has been working on her own mythical creature and well look forward to her story about it. In maths her work in finding fractions of amounts has been very good, as her understanding and work in decimals. She has also brought in some Lithuanian storybooks and has been trying to teach Mr Little to read them with limited success.

Mr Little


Class 12 – Jessica

Jessie has been awarded star of the week this week for her fabulous efforts in writing. Her dedication to her work has been outstanding. She has worked tirelessly to improve her writing, both at home and in school and the result has been a fantastic story about a young clown. Well-done Jessie!

Mr Wise


Class 13 – Erin

CONSISTANCY!! – CONSTANT EFFORT and constant smiles and constantly trying her best. Erin is great to have in class and is a role model for others and is also a constant help for the ladies in the dinner hall. Keep it up Erin fantastic work!

Mr Pollard


Safer Internet Day 2017 at Penpol School

Today marks Safer Internet Day 2017, a key moment to pause and reflect on how we as individuals stay safe online.  This year we’ve marked the occasion with a whole school assembly to discuss some top-tips for internet safety, as well as launching a big e-safety project in computing which will take us up until Easter.  This project will involve the children learning all about the internet, how it works and how to stay safe whilst using it.  We’ll be including plenty of fun activities including designing our own E-Safety Comic Books and Keynote presentations.

For more information on Safer Internet Day please visit http://www.saferinternetday.org.uk

Amazing Art

Class 4 love art! This term their topic is ‘Can buildings speak?’ and they are really enjoying looking closely at different buildings. They are studying the work of different artists and using their work as inspiration. These pictures were inspired by Paul Klee’s, ‘Rose Garden’.

We sketched the school building and then used the sketches to make a detailed drawing. We then outlined our drawings in black pen and painted them using as many different shades of brown as we could. Wonderful work Class 4! They look great!


Penpol Celebrates 9 More Super Sixes!

Becoming a Super Six at Penpol School is not just about academic success. It is about being recognised as an excellent role model and someone who clearly upholds the values and ethos of the school.

All Super Six pupils receive a certificate which must be agreed and signed by all teachers. Therefore, to be chosen as a Super Six is a wonderful achievement and something to be very proud of.

Once again at Penpol School we have been able to celebrate another nine of our Year 6 pupils who have achieved their Super Six award.

Super Six – Coral – Class 12

Super Six – Coral – Class 12

Coral is a great addition to the Super Six team.   She is always full of energy, happy and smiling and because of this sets a fantastic example to everyone in year six and throughout the school. Not only does Coral set an example when she represents the class or the school in whatever she does but she is a fantastic role model in the classroom: always looking for work to do; never happy until she has finished the tasks she has been set and always keen to help other people when she has completed her own task. Best of all, like all true Super Sixes, she sets herself very high standards and is never satisfied until she has met them even if it means hard work and perseverance. Well done Coral

Super Six – Ethan – Class 13

Incredibly bright  and with a real yearning to learn, Ethan is another who sets himself goals and works hard to achieve them. He excels in Maths and Science and is quick to help others if they require it. He has a quiet personality with a dry sense of humour, which is always welcome in the classroom. It has been a pleasure watching him develop throughout this year so far and I look forward to seeing him progress even further in the months ahead. He is a wonderful role-model and a true gentleman who reflects the ethos of Penpol School at all times. Well done Ethan.

Super Six – Iris – Class 12

Super Six – Iris – Class 12

Iris has been picked to be a Super Six because she sets a shining example to everyone with regard to how she goes about her work. She is unfailingly enthusiastic whenever she is given a task and goes about her daily work with a great sense of pride, humour and commitment. Iris is one of those children that never needs telling to do anything. As soon as she comes into classroom in the morning, she is the first to get her jotter out and start doing morning work or responding to marking. As with all Super Sixes she never fails to give 100% and will persevere long after most people (including the teachers) have given up. Well done Iris

Super Six – Joshua – Class 12

Super Six – Joshua – Class 12

Joshua is a one-of-a-kind! Studious to the nth degree, he is always turning up at my desk with more homework, which I haven’t set! He is always the first one to have his hand up eager to contribute to class discussions or to answer a question, as well as listening intently to learn something new. He just wants to learn! Most days he comes to me to ask me when we might be learning ‘Area and Perimeter’ for example, and I reply with my customary reply of ‘sometime in the future’! However, I have to admit that I really do appreciate his work ethic and he is an asset to the class. Well done.

Super Six – Eve – Class 12

Super Six – Eve – Class 12

Eve has been selected as a Super Six as she is an incredibly sensible young lady who has a very wise head on those young shoulders.   In true Super Six fashion, Eve always gives her absolute best no matter what task she is faced with. Both in the class and on the sports field or swimming pool, she inspires everyone around her with a fantastic attitude her boundless energy, enthusiasm and teamwork. Not only does Eve persevere in everything she does but she inspires everyone around her to do the same – she is never afraid to ask for help if she needs it and always willing to lend a hand to those around her. Well done Eve

Super Six – Josh L – Class 12

Super Six – Josh L – Class 12

Our amazing drummer boy! Josh is incredibly hard-working, studious and has a desire to improve; he always does what’s expected and aims to please. He works hard, as well as working well with others and is a great role model for other children to look up to. He is very patient and has strong self-discipline, proven with the level of ability he has been able to reach with his drumming. Another great role-model and I would imagine he will be a role-model for many more in the future when he is in a band playing in front of thousands on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury!

Super Six – Haydn – Class 12

Super Six – Haydn – Class 12

Haydn is an absolutely fantastic example of all the things a super six should be. He is a fabulous role model to everyone in class, he is kind and considerate and unfailingly polite. He is more often than not very quiet but this is usually because he has his head down working as hard as he can. Not only is Haydn a terrific worker but he is always happy to share his work with everyone else and he does all of this with a smile on his face and with a fantastic sense of humour. At Penpol we always try to ensure that children persevere at everything they do and Haydn is a shining example of this to everyone in class. Well done Haydn.

Super Six – Jake – Class 13

Super Six – Jake T – Class 12

Jake is a wonderful young man, mature, helpful and with a great sense of humour. I’ve enjoyed watching him develop this year, becoming more extrovert and confident and being a person that others look up to. He sets himself enormously high targets and then strives to meet them; if anything, he is too much of a perfectionist! He is a great help to me around the classroom as well as on the football pitch, where his never-give-up attitude is ideally suited. Well done Jake.

Super Six – Morgan – Class 12

Morgan is another fabulous example of everything that a Super Six should be: a hard worker, a modest person and someone who always tries his best at whatever he is asked to do. Morgan is another quiet person but that’s usually because he is working hard, helping other people or ensuring that the classroom is in tip top condition. Like a true Super Six, he is never afraid to ask question, always happy to muck in when things need doing and can always be relied on to volunteer for tasks even if it means missing his break time.   One of the main things we expect from Super Sixes though is that they are polite to everyone around them and set a shining example. Morgan is all of these things. Well done.