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Year 2 Curriculum

Our experienced and highly dedicated teachers and assistants in Year 2 pride themselves on their creative approach to teaching. In Year 2, we continue to build upon the foundations that we have laid down in Reception and Year 1, whilst preparing children for SATs in the summer term. We aim to provide a creative, happy and secure learning environment where all children are encouraged to try their best and achieve their full potential. We ensure that the classrooms are an exciting and stimulating place to be, where we hold high expectations for children to work hard and achieve whilst having fun.

We continue to focus on phonics.  We have dedicated daily phonics sessions, tailored to meet every child’s ability. We recognise that every child is special and unique.  We strive, therefore, to cater for the needs of all individuals.

We provide our children with a broad, balanced and creative curriculum that excites their curiosity and ignites a passion for learning.

We also ensure that the children have the skills they need to be a successful member of our modern British society. We ensure they have an understanding of different beliefs and cultures and learn acceptance, tolerance and respect towards others.

By the end of Year 2 we want our children:

  • To be happy, enthusiastic, inquisitive learners
  • To be creative learners at home
  • To work independently
  • To communicate confidently in class
  • To develop an awareness of the needs of others in class, school and their local and world community.
  • To show empathy and willingness to help others
Year 2 Teaching Staff
Mrs I Daniel
Class 5 Teacher and Religious Education Coordinator
Mrs L Ruffell
Class 6 Teacher and KS1 Phase Coordinator
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Year 2 Support Staff
Mrs S Hampshire
Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Hocking
Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
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Year 2 Curriculum Overview

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Autumn Term 1: Health & growth

Autumn Term 2: The world around us

Spring Term 1: Materials and their properties

Spring Term 2: Natural and manmade materials

Summer Term 1: Planet Earth

Summer Term 2: Celebrating our local environment

Autumn Term 1: Sequence and place value, number facts and counting, money and time, addition and subtraction of money, length position and direction, sequences and fractions

Autumn Term 2: Doubling and halving, addition and subtraction, 2D shape and area

Spring Term 1: Number and place value, addition and subtraction, money, fractions, weight and time, multiplication and division

Spring Term 2: Capacity and data, addition and subtraction, subtraction and money, shape and time

Summer Term 1: Sequence and fractions, addition and subtraction, money and time

Summer Term 2: Multiplication and division, revision, fractions and time, problem solving investigations

Autumn Term 1: The Dark

Autumn Term 2: The Bee who Spoke

Autumn Term 1: Animals including humans (our bodies, life cycles, basic needs, food groups, diet)

Autumn Term 2: Animals including humans (keeping fit, hygiene, medicine)

Spring Term 1: Materials (compare the uses of a variety of materials)

Spring Term 2: Materials (find out how the shape of solid objects can be changed)

Summer Term 1: Living things and their habitats (Identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited)

Summer Term 2: Plants / living things

Autumn Term 2: Where in the World?

Spring Term 2: Island homes

Summer Term 2: Around our school / local environment

Autumn Term 1: Queen Elizabeth I

Spring Term 1: The Titanic

Summer Term 1: Seaside Holidays 

Autumn Term: Festivals and Celebrations

Spring Term: Special People

Summer Term 1: Books & Stories

Autumn Term: Health and Wellbeing

Spring Term: Relationships

Summer Term: Living in the Wider World

Autumn Term: Using voices expressively

Spring Term: Playing tuned and untuned instruments

Summer Term: Music from other cultures

Autumn Term 1: Body parts, colours

Autumn Term 1: Gymnastics, dance

Autumn Term 2: Invasion games, apparatus

Spring Term 1: Multi skills, health related exercise

Spring Term 2: Invasion games, gymnastics

Summer Term 1: Athletics, tennis

Summer Term 2: Striking and fielding, Invictus games

Autumn Term: Mother Nature

Spring Term: Using a range of materials

Summer Term: Sculptures

Autumn Term 1: Algorithms

Autumn Term 2: Create and debug simple programs

Spring Term 1: Logical reasoning to predict behaviour of simple programmes

Spring Term 2: Use technology to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content

Summer Term 1: Recognise uses of Information Technology beyond school

Summer Term 2: Use technology respectfully

Autumn Term: Fruit and vegetables

Spring Term: Moving pictures

Summer Term: Puppets

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