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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.” - our Penpol School vision.

Year 2 Curriculum

On this page you will find our Topic Planning for each term, which includes both an information sheet which is used to inform lesson planning as well as a grid of Home Learning activities.

Curriculum Plans - Term by Term

Autumn Term: Castles & King Henry VIII

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Spring Term: Make the Change

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Summer Term: Coasts & Oceans

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Our Year 2 Team

Mr P Waters

Teaching Assistant

Miss E Whear

Class 5 Teacher

Mrs R Davis

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Jenkin

Teaching Assistant

Miss I Llewellin-Robinson

Class 6 Teacher

Mrs N Lamb

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Hocking

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Year 2 Curriculum Overview

This section is being currently updated and may not reflect the curriculum grids at the top of this page.

Autumn Term 1: Health & growth

Autumn Term 2: The world around us

Spring Term 1: Materials and their properties

Spring Term 2: Natural and manmade materials

Summer Term 1: Planet Earth

Summer Term 2: Celebrating our local environment

Autumn Term 1: Sequence and place value, number facts and counting, money and time, addition and subtraction of money, length position and direction, sequences and fractions

Autumn Term 2: Doubling and halving, addition and subtraction, 2D shape and area

Spring Term 1: Number and place value, addition and subtraction, money, fractions, weight and time, multiplication and division

Spring Term 2: Capacity and data, addition and subtraction, subtraction and money, shape and time

Summer Term 1: Sequence and fractions, addition and subtraction, money and time

Summer Term 2: Multiplication and division, revision, fractions and time, problem solving investigations

Autumn Term 1: The Dark

Autumn Term 2: The Bee who Spoke

Autumn Term 1: Animals including humans (our bodies, life cycles, basic needs, food groups, diet)

Autumn Term 2: Animals including humans (keeping fit, hygiene, medicine)

Spring Term 1: Materials (compare the uses of a variety of materials)

Spring Term 2: Materials (find out how the shape of solid objects can be changed)

Summer Term 1: Living things and their habitats (Identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited)

Summer Term 2: Plants / living things

Autumn Term 2: Where in the World?

Spring Term 2: Island homes

Summer Term 2: Around our school / local environment

Autumn Term 1: Queen Elizabeth I

Spring Term 1: The Titanic

Summer Term 1: Seaside Holidays 

Autumn Term: Festivals and Celebrations

Spring Term: Special People

Summer Term 1: Books & Stories

Autumn Term: Health and Wellbeing

Spring Term: Relationships

Summer Term: Living in the Wider World

Autumn Term: Using voices expressively

Spring Term: Playing tuned and untuned instruments

Summer Term: Music from other cultures

Autumn Term 1: Body parts, colours

Autumn Term 1: Gymnastics, dance

Autumn Term 2: Invasion games, apparatus

Spring Term 1: Multi skills, health related exercise

Spring Term 2: Invasion games, gymnastics

Summer Term 1: Athletics, tennis

Summer Term 2: Striking and fielding, Invictus games

Autumn Term: Mother Nature

Spring Term: Using a range of materials

Summer Term: Sculptures

Autumn Term 1: Algorithms

Autumn Term 2: Create and debug simple programs

Spring Term 1: Logical reasoning to predict behaviour of simple programmes

Spring Term 2: Use technology to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content

Summer Term 1: Recognise uses of Information Technology beyond school

Summer Term 2: Use technology respectfully

Autumn Term: Fruit and vegetables

Spring Term: Moving pictures

Summer Term: Puppets

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