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“Penpol pupils are curious, creative and courageous learners. Our school community believes in authenticity as the foundations of deep-rooted learning. Through our rich and relevant curriculum, we nurture community-minded, forward-facing international citizens of the future.” - our Penpol School vision.

Year 6 Curriculum

On this page you will find our Topic Planning for each term, which includes both an information sheet which is used to inform lesson planning as well as a grid of Home Learning activities.

Curriculum Plans - Term by Term

Autumn Term: Wartime Britain

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Spring Term: The Mayans Got It Done!

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Summer Term: The World Is Your Oyster

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Our Year 6 Team

Miss L Ball

Teaching Assistant

Mr J Peck

Class 14 Teacher and Assessment & Intervention Coordinator

Mr N Stanlake

Class 13 Teacher, Upper KS2 Phase Coordinator and Physical Education Coordinator

Mrs W Turner

Teaching Assistant, PFA Chairperson and Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss V Burlingham

Teaching Assistant

Ms C Holland Lloyd

Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Year 6 Curriculum Overview

This section is being currently updated and may not reflect the curriculum grids at the top of this page.

Autumn Term: Wartime Britain

Spring Term: The Mayan Civilisation

Summer Term: The World is My Oyster

The White Rose Scheme supported by The Hamilton Trust flexible blocks

Autumn Term 1: Light

Autumn Term 2: Electricity

Spring Term: Evolution and inheritance

Summer Term 1: Living things and their habitats

Summer Term 2: Animals including humans

Autumn Term 1: Locate the worlds countries using maps and digital media

Autumn Term 2: Map work with a focus on Europe

Spring Term 1: Understand geographical differences and similarities

Spring Term 2: Time zones, tropics and hemispheres

Summer Term 1: London, national map work

Summer Term 2: Plan the trip of a lifetime, human and physical

Autumn Term: A study of War in British history that extends pupils chronological knowledge beyond 1066

Spring Term: A study of a non-European society which provides contract to British History (Early Islamic civilisation)

Summer Term 1: A study of London’s history

Summer Term 2: Identify key dates and moments in the history of a chosen country

Autumn Term: Christianity – eternity and Christianity at Christmas

Spring Term: Islam

Summer Term: Christianity in Cornwall

Autumn Term 1: Goal setting and Growth Mindset

Autumn Term 2: Tolerance and respect, anti-bullying

Spring Term 1: Making choices and resolving conflict

Spring Term 2: My healthy mind

Summer Term 1: Changes, SRE

Summer Term 2: Moving on, looking forward

Autumn Term 1: Composition – listen to battle music, select elements and instruments to create group battle composition

Autumn Term 2: WW2 songs – listen to and perform songs.  Create lyrics for WW2 songs and perform

Spring Term 1: Listen to and describe music from Islamic culture

Spring Term 2: Create rhythmic patterns – Islam.  Transcribe notation to support beats

Summer Term 1: Digital technology to compose music

Summer Term 2: Performance – perform solos or part of an ensemble

Autumn Term 1: Spanish – A new start

Autumn Term 2: Spanish – Calendar and celebrations

Spring Term 1: Spanish – Animals

Spring Term 2: Spanish – Celebration and playground games

Summer Term 1: Spanish – Food and drink

Summer Term 2: Spanish – World around me

Autumn Term 1: Invasion games

Autumn Term 2: Invasion games, gymnastics

Spring Term 1: Health related exercise, swimming

Spring Term 2: Dance, invasion games

Summer Term 1: Athletics, tennis

Summer Term 2: Cricket, rounders

Autumn Term 1: Wartime themed art, poppy artwork, Flanders fields

Autumn Term 2: Wartime themed art, WW2, Blitz silhouettes

Spring Term 1: Take inspiration from Early Islamic patterns to create geometric patterns and vegetal patterns

Spring Term 2: To use Early Islamic calligraphy

Summer Term 1: Draw inspiration from famous artists

Summer Term 2: Draw inspiration from local artists

Autumn Term 1: 3D Printing

Autumn Term 2: Scratch 3

Spring Term 1: MicroBits

Spring Term 2: E-Safety

Summer Term 1: Multi Media Project

Summer Term 2: Sphero Robotics

Autumn Term 1: 3D Decorations

Autumn Term 2: Design, make and evaluate a Morse Code machine

Spring Term: Textiles – Use Islamic patterns to print or sew

Summer Term: Food – Design, make and market a food product for the enterprise project for sale at the summer fayre

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