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Year 6 Curriculum

Our experienced and highly dedicated teachers and assistants in Year 6 pride themselves on their creative approach to teaching. We continue to build upon children’s prior knowledge in Lower KS2 and strive to embed a love of learning that encourages all children to be self-motivated, inquisitive and happy learners.  We recognise that every child is special and unique. Working closely together, teachers plan and deliver creative lesson that cater for pupils of all abilities and dispositions. We have a dedicated team of support workers who help pupils where needed.

We strive to create a stimulating classroom environment, which is steeped in mutual respect.  The children are immersed in a plethora of curriculum workshops and activities in science, PE and history. We encourage creativity in every area of the curriculum and endeavour to foster a love of the Arts through drama, dance, literature and music.

We also ensure that children have the skills they need to be a successful member of our modern British society. We ensure they have an understanding of different beliefs and cultures and learn acceptance, tolerance and respect towards others.

Year 6 is a pivotal phase in school life and part of the teacher’s role is to prepare children for secondary school.  Moreover, the pupils are given the opportunity to think carefully about what they can offer the outside world as a British citizen and the crucial role they can play in later life.  We have very high aspirations for all our pupils all the way through their school life and this culminates in Year 6.

Children have a wide range of opportunities to take part in business activities, performing arts and meet members of the community who we consider to be role models. Children have the opportunity to demonstrate the teamwork skills they have learnt throughout their time at Penpol during school camp and the highly challenging Year 6 production.

By the end of Year 6 we want our pupils to:

  • Be successful, confident, self-motivated and dedicated learners
  • Recognise their strengths and weaknesses and take decisive action to improve their work
  • Intrinsically motivated to work at home
  • Show the highest level of courtesy and respect to all members of our school community and beyond
  • Pro-actively contribute to the well being of their school, community and world around them
Year 6 Teaching Staff
Mr J Peck
Class 14 Teacher and Assessment & Intervention Coordinator
Mr N Stanlake
Class 13 Teacher, Upper KS2 Phase Coordinator and Physical Education Coordinator
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Year 6 Support Staff
Ms C Holland Lloyd
Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs W Turner
Teaching Assistant, PFA Chairperson and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Smart
Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
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Year 6 Curriculum Overview

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Autumn Term: Wartime Britain

Spring Term: Early Islamic Civilisation

Summer Term 1: Our Nation’s Capital

Summer Term 2: The World is My Oyster (Enterprise)

The White Rose Scheme supported by The Hamilton Trust flexible blocks

Autumn Term 1: Light

Autumn Term 2: Electricity

Spring Term: Evolution and inheritance

Summer Term 1: Living things and their habitats

Summer Term 2: Animals including humans

Autumn Term 1: Locate the worlds countries using maps and digital media

Autumn Term 2: Map work with a focus on Europe

Spring Term 1: Understand geographical differences and similarities

Spring Term 2: Time zones, tropics and hemispheres

Summer Term 1: London, national map work

Summer Term 2: Plan the trip of a lifetime, human and physical

Autumn Term: A study of War in British history that extends pupils chronological knowledge beyond 1066

Spring Term: A study of a non-European society which provides contract to British History (Early Islamic civilisation)

Summer Term 1: A study of London’s history

Summer Term 2: Identify key dates and moments in the history of a chosen country

Autumn Term: Christianity – eternity and Christianity at Christmas

Spring Term: Islam

Summer Term: Christianity in Cornwall

Autumn Term 1: Goal setting and Growth Mindset

Autumn Term 2: Tolerance and respect, anti-bullying

Spring Term 1: Making choices and resolving conflict

Spring Term 2: My healthy mind

Summer Term 1: Changes, SRE

Summer Term 2: Moving on, looking forward

Autumn Term 1: Composition – listen to battle music, select elements and instruments to create group battle composition

Autumn Term 2: WW2 songs – listen to and perform songs.  Create lyrics for WW2 songs and perform

Spring Term 1: Listen to and describe music from Islamic culture

Spring Term 2: Create rhythmic patterns – Islam.  Transcribe notation to support beats

Summer Term 1: Digital technology to compose music

Summer Term 2: Performance – perform solos or part of an ensemble

Autumn Term 1: Spanish – A new start

Autumn Term 2: Spanish – Calendar and celebrations

Spring Term 1: Spanish – Animals

Spring Term 2: Spanish – Celebration and playground games

Summer Term 1: Spanish – Food and drink

Summer Term 2: Spanish – World around me

Autumn Term 1: Invasion games

Autumn Term 2: Invasion games, gymnastics

Spring Term 1: Health related exercise, swimming

Spring Term 2: Dance, invasion games

Summer Term 1: Athletics, tennis

Summer Term 2: Cricket, rounders

Autumn Term 1: Wartime themed art, poppy artwork, Flanders fields

Autumn Term 2: Wartime themed art, WW2, Blitz silhouettes

Spring Term 1: Take inspiration from Early Islamic patterns to create geometric patterns and vegetal patterns

Spring Term 2: To use Early Islamic calligraphy

Summer Term 1: Draw inspiration from famous artists

Summer Term 2: Draw inspiration from local artists

Autumn Term 1: 3D Printing

Autumn Term 2: Scratch 3

Spring Term 1: MicroBits

Spring Term 2: E-Safety

Summer Term 1: Multi Media Project

Summer Term 2: Sphero Robotics

Autumn Term 1: 3D Decorations

Autumn Term 2: Design, make and evaluate a Morse Code machine

Spring Term: Textiles – Use Islamic patterns to print or sew

Summer Term: Food – Design, make and market a food product for the enterprise project for sale at the summer fayre

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