The Mosquitoes Rock Reception

Miss Aspden

The Mosquitoes rocked the reception classes this week with their much anticipated concert. Taking timeout from their busy tour schedule, Paul, Neil, Geoff, Billy and front man Graeme (Sabina from Class 1’s dad) brought the classroom down with their fabulous mix of South American rock with a hint of Cornish punk.

With classics such as Seve Ballesteros and Where’s My Hat, the reception children boogied, jumped, jived and moshed to the upbeat and melodic tunes.

The Mosquitoes energy and enthusiasm was infectious. The children loved learning all about the different instruments and even got a chance to play alongside their heroes. The children strummed along on the guitars, sung into the microphones and had a go at playing the drums. The popular band who are much in demand were headlining Connor Downs after our visit.


The band featured drummer Billy (Kane from class 8’s dad) who saved the day by stepping in last minute due to the usual Mosquitoes drummer being unable to make the gig.

The children from Class 1 and Class 2 absolutely loved the fab five!

“I liked Paul, he helped me play the guitar.” – Phoebe.

“They were really good singers and really good players. I liked the drums. I liked Sabina’s Daddy.“ – Lylie.

“The band was really good. I really love Daddy so much. Daddy was singing really good.” – Sabina.

“There’re the best band I’ve ever seen,” – Felix

“I think it was really good.” – Alex.

“I liked playing the guitars and using the microphones.” – Ethan.

“I liked singing into the microphone.” – Penny.

“I liked playing on the drums and being the drummer.” – Harvey.

“I liked the guitars. I liked Geoff and Neil because they were brilliant.” – Louis.