Class 12 create their own E-Safety animation!

Over the last few weeks Class 12 have been building upon their knowledge learnt from their Online Safety lessons and have taken it upon themselves to share what they have learnt from the Be Internet Legends program with others.

In order to accomplish this they have worked in groups to create their own animation, based around the Be Internet Legends concept.  By writing their own dialogue and designing their own cartoon character, the children have created a short movie which you can enjoy below.  The animation itself has been created in a clever program called Adobe Character Animator, a piece of software which allowed the children to animate every aspect of their characters, from their eyes to their toes!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy Class 12 talking about how to become Internet Legends!


As well as this lovely animation, the other Year 5 and 6 classes are also working on their own short films so check back soon to see those as well.

In the meantime here are some more stories about the children enjoying the Internet Legends program.