Taking a Look Inside a Computer…

Mr Woolcock

This week in Computing Year 5 and Year 6 have been learning all about the different parts that make up a computer, including the Motherboard, Processor, Hard Drive, RAM, Graphics Card, Heatsink and the Power Supply Unit.  We learnt how all of these parts are useless by themselves, but when they are all connected up together they can make a fully working computer.

“It was really fun, learning how the motherboard had all these bits where you can plug everything in.  It was really interesting because I was surprised how heavy it was compared to how big it was.” – Alex, Year 6

As well as having a chance to investigate these components, the children were also given the opportunity to hold and draw the objects in order to get a greater understanding of them.

“It was great, because we got to know what was inside a computer.” – Holly, Year 6

Next week each of the groups will have the opportunity to assemble these components with Paul to hopefully build their own working computers.  It’ll be a very exciting project for sure, so check back for more photos on the Penpol Times soon!

“It was quite good because we know how it works now.  I just thought that a computer was one little piece inside a screen but actually it’s a whole network of really weird pieces.” – Eva, Year 6