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Year 5’s friendship with French school grows

Each half-term, students from Classes 11 and 12 have written a letter or email to a penpal in France.  The aim of the French penpal exchange, which has been running successfully for over two years, was for our students at Penpol to better understand the similarities, as well as differences, between school life in France and at Penpol.  This opportunity also offers a platform for our students to use their French for a real purpose, being able to ask their French counterparts any questions they may have about life in France.

As Year 5 have recently been studying reflexive verbs to say what they do on a daily basis, the first series of questions sent to France were based on what time their French penpal got up, started school, finished school and how much homework they received.  The responses from the French students provided plenty of discussion.  Did you know that French students start school at 8.30am and don’t finish school until 4.30pm?  However, though the school day is longer on most days, children in France only have a half day on Wednesday, followed by the afternoon off school to take part in extra-curricular activities.

As well as sending emails, which is first drafted in their books, then sent on to France, the children have also received and sent festive cards.


It’s great writing to someone from another country.  It’s a fun way to practise French!  Isabella, Class 11

Next up, Year 5 will be creating a guess who game centred on the topic of hobbies.  Watch this space for more news about Penpol’s thriving Cornish- French email exchange!


¿Hablas Español?

The answer to that question before half term for almost all members of staff at Penpol, including languages co-ordinator Mr Emery, was a resounding ‘no!’ or perhaps a meek ‘un poco’.  However, if you were to now ask that question to most of the KS2 staff and teaching assistants at Penpol, you would be met with the confident reply ‘si! Me gusta hablar en español!’

Over the half term break, 8 members of staff from Penpol took part in an 8 day immersion course in Santander, Northern Spain.  The trip was only possible after Penpol School was successful in gaining funding from Erasmus+, which is the European Union programme for education, in July.  Penpol are now on a two year journey to further enhance the language teaching at Penpol by allowing staff to develop their professional practice, build relationships with international peers and gain fresh ideas from language learning experiences in Spain and France.

The shoes were on the other feet for the teachers of Penpol, with intense but immensely enjoyable 3 hour daily Spanish lessons with experienced and fully qualified Spanish teachers.


It was a really invigorating feeling being a student again in a classroom.  Mr Pollard, Class 11 Teacher.

From learning the basic phrases such as ‘¿Como te llamas?’ on day 1, staff completed the week learning the verb conjugations for regular and irregular verbs, as well as regularly conversing in practice role plays in class.  The lessons were hugely rewarding and by the end of the week, all staff had grown in confidence ordering in restaurants and even conversing in Spanish with locals.

Aside from the daily lessons, the days were also packed with challenges which were not too dissimilar from BBC one’s show ‘The Apprentice’.  On the first day, staff had to explore the city by foot and find out important facts, cultural information and even learn a joke from a local.  There was also a night of learning how to dance, Flamenco- style, to the delight of Mr Peck!  There was also plenty of time to enjoy the delights of Santander, such as the Palacio de la Magdelena, the stunning local beaches and experience the plethora of Pintxos (tapas-style dishes) on offer across the city’s many restaurants and bars.


The week was testament to Penpol’s enthusiasm for languages and, after an action-packed week, each member of staff not only graduated with flying colours but also came away with a lots of ideas to bring back into the classroom, as well as the confidence to teach Spanish in a fun and engaging way.


Gracias y hasta luego!




Organic and Mixed Media Art Experience for Year 5!

Year 5 were treated to a week of organic art and mixed media Art with Tracey, an artist from St Ives.

With the amazon being a pivotal part of the Earth’s ecosystem, Year 5 are currently following artist John Dyer as he broadcasts live his travels across the Amazon.  His project, ‘Last chance to Paint’ , aims to connect students to the environment and create a global art gallery which highlights what we stand to lose.

In this art session, the students used blackberries, which had been freshly picked by Mr Pollard and Mr Wise, to mimic the Yawanawa tribe’s version of organic art.  Using modelling tools, the students created sketches of wildlife in nature, with the results surprisingly pleasant to the eye.

The variety between each piece of work was quite staggering, considering the only ingredients used were blackberries.  Mr Wise, Class 12 teacher

Later on in the week, Year 5 were once again treated to another Art session, this time from local artist Tracey from St Ives.  Tracey brought in a lot of different materials for the children to use in order to create mixed media art.  Using a variety of materials, such as masking tape, coloured paper and doilies, the children were instructed to build up a surface formed from different layers.

I really liked using different colour paper to layer my work and make different objects stand out. Oliver, Class 11

Through lots of experimentation and creativity, both classes then drew different nautical scenes from the surrounding area, with St Ives harbour being a common landscape for the children to draw.
The students used different grading of pencil to add different tones to their work, as well as graphite, pens, pastels and finally paint.

My favourite part was mixing the paints to create the colour I wanted for my drawing!  Lydia, Class 12

The final results speak for themselves! The children took great pleasure showing off their art work and it was interesting to see the degree of variety between every piece of art work.
A fantastic effort, check out the results in the gallery below!


Year 5 Mission to Space

Aliens…do they actually exist? This is a question which has been at the forefront of space exploration since the first human was launched into Space in 1961.  This question is precisely what Year 5 are in the midst of learning about, having started reading ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’, by Christopher Edge, this new term.

Year 5 have explored in Science the ideal conditions for Extra-Terrestrial life forms to exist in our universe, referred to in the book as the ‘Goldilocks Zone’.

The Goldilocks Zone is neither too hot nor too cold.

Once accepting the fact that our universe is incredibly vast, all students were in agreement that in some corner of our universe, life must exist.  With this in mind, both classes in Year 5 immediately began designing their own aliens in their French lesson, labelling and talking about them in French.  Each one of their creations have been unique in their own way, with exceptional use of French vocabulary which would be impressive even for a GCSE French student.

In Science and Literacy, we have also looked at different attributes which are essential in order to be an astronaut.  Year 5 students have completed their own mini astronaut application and were interviewed by their peers on why they would be the ideal candidate to send into Space on a mission to discover alien life form.


This week, Year 5 students will be finalising their applications and delivering a persuasive group presentation on why their group would be the ideal team to be sent into Space.  Year 5 students will also be interviewing a NASA employee via Skype over the next couple of weeks in order to find out more about what it would be like to work at America’s Space Agency.

Look out for presentation videos to follow over the next few days!




Penpol Language Stars of the Week- 6 + 13 juillet

6 July

Melissa (Class 11), is a very motivated student in French.  This week, her excellent knowledge of the topic weather saw her as the overall Language Star of the Week out of the Juniors.  Her enthusiasm in class is just one of the reasons why the accolade was hers this week.  In addition, the learning in her book, as well as her presentation, has been excellent. A fantastic effort, Melissa, well done!
Erin (Class 2) has been outstanding in French this term.  She demonstrated an excellent understanding of food, sports and the gruffalo story.  She also volunteered to run the French café in her class and was able to serve her classmates French food, asking what they would like in French.  Well done, Erin!

13th July

Penpol Junior French Star of the Week- Amber (Class 10)

Amber is a very motivated student who tries her hardest in all aspects of French.  Amber’s spoken and written work has come on very well since the beginning of the year.  She delivered an excellent weather forecast in front of her group.  She was confident and had fantastic pronunication. Well done, Amber!

Penpol Infant French Star of the Week- Piran (Class 3)

Piran is a very enthusiastic student.  His knowledge of vocabulary in French is superb.  He tries hard in every activity we do in French and his work is always neat and detailed.  Keep up the great work, Piran! 


Language Stars of the Week- Freddie and Ethan!

Penpol Junior French Star of the Week- Freddie(Class 8)

What an amazing effort from Freddie in French this week.  He showed an excellent understanding of the Gruffalo story in French this week, understanding lots of different adjectives to make his own Gruffalo more exciting.  Bravo Freddie!


Infants French Star of the Week is Ethan L-D from Class 3

Ethan from Class 3 was excellent in French this week.  He knew lots of different sports in French and was able to tell me what he did over the weekend without any help. His presentation of his work has been excellent and this week he produced a fantastic piece of work on sporting activities he has done recently in the good weather we have had.  Keep it up, Ethan!

Language Stars of the Week- Lily and Cove

Lily, Class 11
Lily is a very motivated student in French.  She showed excellent knowledge of sports in the past tense, creating a very detailed and eye-catching poster about what she did during the half term. She always volunteers to take part in the vocab games on the board and is a great ambassador of French in her class.  Félicitations, Lily!
Cove, Class 6
Cove showed an excellent knowledge of nationalities and flags in French this week.  Class 6 learnt about the teams participating in the World Cup and Cove was able to demonstrate his knowledge of colours and nationalities in his learning.  Cove also participated enthusiastically in the vocabulary games on the carpet and has made fantastic progress this year in French.  Keep it up, Cove!

Penpol French Café Video Montage – The Final Cut!

Pupils at Penpol have performed amazingly well in French this past term by showing that they can order food an drink in French.

All classes performed really well, using the key phrases “je voudrais” (I would like) and “s’il vous plaît” in order to order food and drink.

Check out the video below which gives you an overview of what they have all been learning recently, as well as showing how much they enjoyed this topic.  Bravo Penpol!

Freya and Sienna: French Stars of the Week

Freya (Class 12), is a very motivated student in French.  This week, her excellent knowledge of the new topic, sports using the past tense, saw her as the overall Language Star of the Week out of the Juniors.  Her enthusiasm in class is just one of the reasons why the accolade was hers this week.  In addition, the learning in her book on what she did over the weekend was incredibly detailed.  A fantastic effort, Freya, well done!


Sienna (Class 4) was outstanding in French this week.  She demonstrated an excellent understanding of sports in French this week.   Her learning was very neat and she knew all of the 10 outdoor sports in French by the end of the lesson, clearly labelling the drawings of her favourite sports in French, as well as using the opinion “j’aime”.  Well done Sienna!