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Our Staff

As a parent it is important for you to know that your child is being provided with the best possible learning opportunities every day they go to school. Not only that you want to be reassured that they are being cared for in an inspiring, innovative and safe environment.

At Penpol School we have a wonderful team of highly dedicated professional teachers, teaching assistants, office staff and the senior leadership team all of whom are committed to supporting every aspect of your child’s social, emotional and educational development.

As teachers and teaching assistants, we considered the question ‘Why do we teach?’ and brainstormed our ideas. The extract below reflects the passion, commitment and ethos of all staff at Penpol School.

Why do we teach?

We teach because we believe that each and every child should have the best possible start in life. We want to have a positive impact on their lives, to inspire them and empower them with the skills necessary to become effective life long learners.

We teach because we are good with children. We understand them and know how to provide the opportunities that help to promote each child’s sense of being, their self-esteem and feeling of worth. We embrace the trust and responsibility of our position. To work with children allows us to be part of their lives in so many ways, to influence their perceptions, their decisions and their emotions. We are committed to their needs and we are always prepared to share in the journey of each individual child’s life no matter what their ethnicity, diversity or circumstances may be. Through the highs and the lows, we know how to be there for them.

We teach because we want to make a difference, a real difference. We want to help shape the lives of all children especially those for whom we might be the only hope. We believe that education is life and that every child should have the opportunity to experience success. We understand the importance of passing on knowledge. We too share each child’s fun, love and excitement of learning and together we are exploring, discovering and growing in knowledge.

We teach because it is immensely rewarding. We love the challenge, the adrenaline and satisfaction that comes from it, especially when we get to see that sparkle in a child’s eyes the very moment they have achieved or learnt something new. It is never boring and every day is filled with fun, excitement and uncertainty.

We teach because we want to feel valued as a person. It allows us to be creative, to work as part of a team with other professionals who share the same values, ethos and who also want to help children achieve.

We teach because that is who we are, Teachers.

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