Fantastic Fun at Newquay Zoo

Miss Ryan

On Friday 9th March, Class 4 had a fantastic time at Newquay Zoo. The children have been learning about animals in their science lessons at school and discovering which animals have backbones and which do not. We went to the zoo to learn more about vertebrates and invertebrates, and to learn more about the classification of animals.

When we got to the zoo, we were met by Pippa who gave us a really interesting lesson about classification. The first thing Pippa showed us was a cockroach. She explained that they have holes down their sides which allows them to make a hissing sound.

When the coach roaches get scared, they all get together and make a hissing sound that sounds like a snake. It tricks the predator that wants to eat them! Ada

Some animals do not have backbones, like insects. They are called invertebrates. Insects have 6 legs. Oliver

The next thing Pippa showed us was the skin of a royal python. It was very long and smooth. Flora and Amelie helped Pippa and held the snake skin. Everybody got a chance to touch the skin.


After that, we had to be very quiet because Pippa got out a real snake. His name is spot. Everybody got a chance to touch him if they wanted but we had to do it with the back of our hand.

I like the snake. I’m not scared of him. He’s quite cold. – Ptolemy

I know all about snakes because I’ve got one at home and he’s called Monty. Snakes are cold blooded animals. – Alfie

After a really interesting talk, we got to explore the zoo. Although it was raining and we got quite wet, we all had a fantastic time. Here are some of the photos…

Caio and Flynn count the meerkats

Silly selfies in the tropical house!


Ted, Riley and the lions have a roaring competition!

What a fantastic day out!