All aboard The Titanic!

Mrs Daniel

Year 2 having been learning all about the Titanic, investigating and researching the questions:

  • What happened?
  • Who did and didn’t survive?
  • Where were they going?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How could the disaster have been avoided?

They have really enjoyed compiling facts, colouring pictures, watching clips on the internet, discussing events, compiling a timeline of events and as you can see making some marvellous models at home!

It took me a couple of weeks to make and my dad helped me. The Grand staircase was very special but my favourite bit was when it sank! – Remy – Class 5

My mum helped me, it was tricky sticking the sticks in and I enjoyed painting on the lighted windows – Agnes – Class 5

My model moves. It crashes into the iceberg because I’ve used a magnet    Austin