Class 6’s Brilliant Moving Pictures

Miss Nidds

Children in class 6 had a very busy Spring term in DT in their ‘moving pictures’ topic.  Over the course of the term, each child designed and made many different types of moving pictures. These ranged from pop up Chinese new year cards, to making their own class flap book all about themselves, to Easter cards that could be ‘cracked’ open to reveal the message inside!

I liked making the flap book about me because I liked writing all the information under the picture – Jasmine

I enjoyed making my Easter egg card as I liked decorating it how I wanted – Isla


I really liked the All About Me book because I could tell the reader about everything I like doing – Patrick

Their biggest project however, coincided with their History topic ‘the Titanic’. Each child was given the opportunity to design their own moving picture based on the skills and techniques they had used in previous weeks. The children came up with many unique and individual designs using cardboard flaps, lollipop sticks and even designed parts of the pictures that were to pop up. Once the design was finished, it was onto creating their masterpieces

I liked being able to make my own Titanic picture the way I wanted. I did much more on it than I thought I would when I designed it – Bella

Class 6 worked incredibly hard on their pictures and each child produced their own unique picture. They have all worked very hard on their moving pictures and are looking forward to designing and making puppets next term. Well done Class 6!

I enjoyed making my Titanic picture because I got to do lots of cutting and sticking and use lots of different colours – Tess