Pony Riding at the Standing Stones Stables

The reception classes had a great time at the standing stones stables.

We met James, Alfie and Mouse and learnt all about how to take good care of these lovely horses.

You cant shout or it will hurt their ears. You cant walk behind it because it would kick you. I stroked him with a brush – Billy

We stroked them and had a go at grooming a very gentle Alfie and Bailey.

I liked going upstairs, I saw 2 guinea pigs, I liked horse riding and it was so bumpy – Elowen

Next we learnt about what they eat and where they sleep at night. We even had a go at mucking out the stables.

The horses eat hay and sleep on straw. I liked the horse riding – Fraser

We were really lucky to be able to have a pony ride too on Sponge.

I really liked riding the horse and always the caring bit about it is when they sweep up the poo. They actually had some chestnuts and they were for the horses to eat. So there was a toy for her to stop her being bored, so her just kicked it with her foot with these things inside and she tries to get them out and then eat them up -Ted

We also had a play in the field. We played games, practised our balancing skills and pretended to be ponies and T-Rex’s.

Class 1 and 2 would like thank Natalie, Kelly, Debs and Tanya for a great morning out. We had a great time.

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