Year 3 Create their own Winter Ornaments

This term children in Year 3 have been learning how to use the 3D design program Tinkercad.

They’ve learnt how to rotate, resize and combine objects into creative and imaginative shapes.

As well as this they’ve completed a series of mini-challenges to really test their digital building skills by creating 3D models of various objects using a very limited number of building blocks.

After these challenges the children set about creating their own design for a 3D Winter Ornament.  They were allowed to use two colours and used examples from last year as inspiration.

Everyone got the chance to create several different designs before choosing their favourite one to be printed.

Check out all of the amazing designs below, aren’t they great?

Don’t worry if that’s a little too fast for you – here’s a gallery with all of the decorations in.  Click on a picture to view it bigger.