Class 4 Get Cooking!

Miss Ryan


Class 4 love Autumn. We celebrated Harvest time this week and were lucky enough to receive our own Harvest gift from Mrs Smart… lots of delicious cooking apples from her tree, so we decided to get cooking. After a class discussion, we decided on apple crumble – yum!

The children had great fun working together, weighing out the ingredients for the crumble mixture and chopping up the apples. Here is how you do it…

Step 1 – Weigh out 400g of plain flour.

First of all you have to put 5 big spoonfuls of flour in the bowl.  (Rosie)

Me, Suki and Ava were taking turns getting the sugar. You have to weigh how many pounds it is and then put it in the bowl. (Emily)

I was cutting the butter with Reggie. We put it in the measuring box, then put it in the bowl. My favourite bit was squishing the butter. (Kensa)


I was putting my hands in the flour and squish it up. It was exciting and fun.  That was my favourite bit! (Lily)


After mixing the dry ingredients and rubbing in the butter to make the crumble mixture, the children had to cut slices of apple and put them in the baking dish.

I was chopping the apples with Scarlett. We put flour in on top of the apples. (Erin)

Once the apples are chopped and placed in the baking dish, sprinkle the crumble mixture on generously, covering all of the apples. Place in the oven to cook for about 45 minutes or until the apple slices are cooked through. Leave to cool and … Ta-Dah, delicious apple crumble! Well done Class 4, great team work!