Class 4 are ‘sorting it out!’

Miss Ryan

Class 4 have had an amazing start to the school year and are settling in really well. They are particularly enjoying their maths lessons this week. The topic is ‘counting and sorting’ and the children are trying to find as many different ways to sort the objects as they can. There has been some interesting ideas! Take a look…


I was working with Zack and we were sorting out the dominoes. We thought that we could put all the dominoes that were 6 on this side. Then Zack had to count the other spots. If it was 7, he put it in his circle. (Anya)


We sorted out the double numbers. We put double 2 on one side and double 4 on the other. (Poppy & Lottie)

The children found lots of different ways to sort the objects. Some chose to sort by colour or size. Others sorted according to length or shape. There were so many great ideas. I loved seeing the classroom buzzing with enthusiasm and listening to the mathematical talk going on.



Well done class 4. I’m very impressed!

Miss Ryan