Internet Legends Assembly with Google

Mr Woolcock

This afternoon we had a very special assembly from Jenny and Daniel who came to visit us from Google.  They came down to Cornwall to visit a couple of schools and Penpol were one of the lucky ones chosen.  

The assembly itself was linked to our recent work on how to stay safe online and in particular the Be Internet Legends program.  The assembly was a chance for the children to celebrate completing their lessons on e-safety and also a chance to experience the various characters and worlds from Interland come to life in the school hall.

Jenny and Daniel bought a whole host of exciting things with them for the assembly, including special hands for everybody to hold up and participate in the assembly with.  The hands were green on one side and red on the other, letting us answer yes or no to a number of tricky questions!  They also built a massive display in the hall to really get everyone in the mood to learn about e-safety.  Giant banners and flags lined every wall in the hall, surrounding us with the colourful characters from Interland.

Audience participation was very much key to this assembly and we all had a chance to get involved and shout out answers at the right times.  Daniel and Jenny guided us through the islands of Interland and this proved to be a fun and friendly look at some serious topics including cyberbullying, password hacking, identifying fake information online and sharing sensitive information on the internet.

Speaking to our visitors from Google before the assembly, it was clear that they were very impressed with our Computing lessons at Penpol – particularly the work we’ve all been doing recently on E-Safety.  Mr Woolcock and the special guests spoke at length about the animation project we’re working on with the Year 5s and 6s which links to Interland and they are both very excited to see the finished films in the next few weeks.

To complete an already fantastic afternoon, Jenny and Daniel also gave out certificates to every child to confirm that they are now Internet Legends!  

Thomas in Class 7 enjoyed the assembly so much he went straight home and created these lovely posters featuring characters from Interland.  Well done Thomas, they are lovely!