Reception Visit Marazion

Classes 1 and 2 had a lovely time last week on our trips to  Marazion beach!

I love the beach! We made sandcastles and I wore my hat to keep my head protected – Zachary

Recently, we have been learning about plastic pollution and how we can help to keep our beaches and seas safe. During our time at Marazion, we searched the beach for pieces of plastic and rubbish that we could put in the bin. We worked as a team to find different items, including bottle tops, odd socks and a plastic bag!

We picked up the rubbish so people and seagulls don’t get it. If sea creatures eat it, they will be very poorly – Heidi

During our visit, we also had a play in the park after our time on the beach. We loved using the climbing frames and the swings, whilst playing with our friends.

I loved the park. I went on the slide. It was very bumpy. I went on the tyres and climbed up the ladder – Harry

As well as the beach clean, the children enjoyed creating sand sculptures of people using what they could find on the beach. We had lots of fun using the seaweed as hair and the shells as eyes, as you can see below! We also made lots of sandcastles, whilst burying each other’s legs and covering ourselves in the sand!

My person had big seaweed arms. I used stones for the eyes and nose and seaweed for her hair. My person is called Ella – Nyah

The children also enjoyed having a picnic together on the beach. We cooled off in the heat by having a  ice lolly which went down a treat!

My ice lolly was yummy! I ate it quickly so it didn’t melt! – Ivy

During the day, it was refreshing to cool off in the water and paddle our feet in the sea. We enjoyed splashing and jumping in the gentle waves.


After all of our excitement on the beach, we headed back to Penpol with shoes full of sand and lots of great memories made by all! We are even more excited to continue our ‘Under the Sea’ topic this term.