Merci ma famille!

Mr Emery

Class 8 have been enjoying sing-a-longs in French this term to help them learn key vocabulary on the topic of family.

So far, Class 8 can already say who is in their family, including pets, size of the family member and colour of their pet. Mr Emery has been really impressed with their enthusiasm during lessons, which is shown in their singing, classwork and homework.

The song for this week is a song which shows appreciation for the family (merci pour ma famille), as well as friends (mes amis). Each student drew and labelled each of their members of the family, which they then each held up for the song.

If you’d like to hear a little snippet of one of class 8’s song, take a look at the video below.

I am really enjoying our French lessons, especially the songs and games we do in class.  Alex, Class 8


I love practising a new language!  I also go to language club every Thursday after school to learn an extra language.  Corran, Class 8

Next up for Year 3 will be the celebration of “Pâques”, which is the name for Easter in France.