French Email Exchange Excites Year 6 Students!

Mr Emery

Year 6 Students at Penpol have begun to take part in an email exchange with a French primary school during Mr Emery’s French lessons. The students have already sent and received two letters each to a French primary school located 60 km outside of Bordeaux in South-West France.

Year 6 students wrote a quick introduction about themselves in French before Christmas to the French school, Octave Cazauvieilh. They were able to talk about their hobbies, saying what they like and dislike doing on the weekend. Every Tuesday, Year 6 students would hopefully await word from Mr Emery to see if there had been a response from their French pen-pals. After a few weeks, Classes 13 and 14 received their first responses from their pen-pals, which of course was written in French!

In the Spring term, Year 6 then wrote a description about what they look like, with a picture they drew of themselves. They also included extra details about their interests they wanted their French pen-pal to know about. Finally, they created a postcard to show off to their pen-pal the local area, with Godrevy and its lighthouse featuring prominently on most of the postcards.

Their letters were posted by mail this time and the French school were delighted with the response that had been sent from their Penpol pen-pals.

Most recently, Penpol have just received a Guess Who game. The game included a class photo of all the students in the French year 5 class, as well as a description of each one. Using the French descriptions of each student, Penpol’s Year 6 classes rose to the challenge.


It was great to try and work out who your pen-pal was from their descriptions and photo.  Juliette- Class 14

Fun was had by all and great progress was made on the current topic, All About Me.

I learnt lots of extra new words to try and find out which pen-pal was mine from the picture.  It was lots of fun!  Ines- Class 13

Watch this space for the next flurry of emails between the French and Cornish school over the next couple of months.

Think you can spot Anaelle?  Read her description below and find her in the picture …

J’ai les cheveux blonds. J’ai un pantalon gris, un T-shirt blanc et des chaussures noires. Anaelle, CM1- Octave Cazauvieilh School