Hour Of Code 2017: A Hero’s Journey

Mr Woolcock

Penpol School have been taking part in the international Hour Of Code this week.  The idea behind the Hour of Code is simple, to get every child around the world spending an hour learning a little bit about computer science and programming.  This year there are over 514 million children taking part in the Hour, from all around the world.


Countries where the Hour of Code is taking place this year


The challenge the children have been undertaking this year has been designed by the team behind Minecraft and is called Hero’s Journey.  On this challenge you have to write your own code to control the robotic ‘Agent’ who can then help your character complete the twelve levels.  You can try it yourself at home here.

Everyone in Key Stage 2 took part in the challenge with some children even going the extra mile to collect the hard-to-reach diamonds on each level.

It was really good fun!  I didn’t know that I could control my character Steve. – George, C14

The Hour of Code follows on nicely from the lessons the children are currently having in Computing where they are learning how a computer works and how we, as users, can write simple instructions to control the computers.  The children are really getting stuck into this logical way of thinking and really deserved their Minecraft inspired treat this week!

Well done Key Stage 2!


You can find out more about the Hour of Code here.