3D Class Mascot Challenge

Mr Woolcock

Last week our 3D design work started in earnest in the Junior Mac Suite.  To get the children learning all about the Tinkercad 3D design program they were set a challenge: to design the best class mascot to sit on their teacher’s desk.

Everyone in Year 4, 5 and 6 had the chance to build whatever they thought their teacher would like the most with the winning design being secretly chosen from each class.  The winning model was then 3D printed overnight and the children were delighted to see the finished model the following morning.

It looked even better in real life than it did on the computer, I hope Mr Pollard likes it! – Trystan


Below are photos of all the winning designs from the competition, click on them to view them full-size!

Class 9 (Y4) – Jake



Class 10 (Y4) – Martin


Class 11 (Y5) – Ethan



Class 12 (Y5) – Maggie



Class 13 (Y6) – Trystan



Class 14 (Y6) – Aidan