Languages lift off at Penpol

Mr Emery

Language lessons at Penpol primary school are already underway as we begin the new academic year.  All classes have already enjoyed their first French lesson this year, with both Mr Emery and Michelle.  Every student has already demonstrated lots of enthusiasm and eagerness to take part, which are key ingredients to having fun and gaining confidence in learning a language.

Reception students have already mastered the action “tire”(pull) and the different animals in French.  Classes 1 + 2 very much enjoyed dressing up and acting out the classic French children’s story, “le navet enorme”(the giant turnip).  Classes 3, 4, 5 + 6 are already enjoying being able to greet each other in French, with lots of students even making it part of their daily routine to greet Mr Emery in French outside the classroom.


Years 2 all the way to 5 have already taken part in singing “Alouette” ( the classic French song about a skylark), showing excellent knowledge of the body parts in French, with actions.

I loved learning about the giant turnip – Hunter – Class 2

Year 6 have the unique opportunity of putting all of the French they have used over the years to the ultimate test: corresponding with their very own French pen pal from a French primary school.  The small school, situated just outside of Paris, have already expressed their excitement about this exchange and are eager to learn more about our Year 6 students.  Watch this space for more news, as Penpol students learn more about French culture and way of life.

With language club now up and running every Thursday, students at Penpol also have the opportunity of learning another language, whether it is extra French practice, or learning numbers 1-10 in Mandarin.

Finally, Penpol school will be celebrating European Day of Languages on Tuesday 26th September, with all students competing in a whole school languages competition.  The competition will be run by Mr Emery, with the aid of Penpol’s ICT teacher, Mr Woolcock.  The aim will be for students to show-off their foreign language skills, ranging from French to Mandarin.  The winners for each Year group will be rewarded with a prize in an assembly to conclude the action-packed day.

Watch this space for more news from languages over the next few weeks!