Autumn fun in Reception

Mr Doyle


The reception children have been learning all about the different seasons this half term. They had a great time collecting Autumn leaves from all around the school. They made some super hedgehog pictures with the spiky leaves they foraged for.


“We made hedgehogs with leaves because in Autumn the leaves fall down and they change colour,” said Louis.


“It gets colder. The animals hibernate they sleep all through Autumn and Christmas,” Imogen tells the class.


Maisie adds, “They wake up in the Spring.”




The children also made some fabulous weather charts in class. The children really enjoyed recording the weather daily and had a go at forecasting the weather ahead.


“It was cloudy everyday.” Amelia reported.


“It was raining. I like the rain because I like getting soaked,” Louis told the class.


Caitlyn added, “I like it when it’s sunny because I like playing with my sister outside. I played inside because it was cloudy and cold.”

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