Mrs Ruffell

Class 6 have been creating natural sculptures

As part of their art topic ‘Sculpture’  Class 6 had a busy afternoon up in the wildlife area creating sculptures from natural materials. The children enjoyed working together to  select sticks, stones, flowers and leaves to create their own designs.

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Mr Emery

Year 5 Mission to Space

Aliens…do they actually exist? This is a question which has been at the forefront of space exploration since the first human was launched into Space in 1961.  This question is

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Mr Stanlake

Year 6 Evacuated Back To WW2

Nearly eighty years after thousands of children and young vulnerable adults were evacuated from cities across the country during WW2, our Year 6 children had a go themselves. To celebrate

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Mrs Connors

Christmas Scene Winners

This year the PFA once again ran a very popular Christmas Scene competition.  Children from every class in he school entered and the judges had a really hard time picking

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