Class 8 produce the first ever Penpol Podcast!

Penpol had a special visitor on Tuesday.  Karen Pirie, a radio producer for Radio 4 visited Class 8 and made a podcast with the children about the history of Hayle.

“I really enjoyed making the podcast and adding the sound effects.” (Obi age 8)

“I loved recording our voices and thinking about the different ways to speak on a podcast.” (Liliana age 8)

“It was really fun and I want to make my own podcast at home.” (Dylan)

“Karen was really great fun and she had a lovely smile.  I liked making the podcast” (Cerys age 7)

“We loved recording ourselves.  Karen’s job is exciting.” (Abigail age 7)

“I found it really fascinating to hear all about Karen’s job” (Lily age 7)

Listen to our podcast below: