Fantastic Feadon Farm

Miss Aspden

Class 1 and 2 have had another amazing trip to Feadon Farm. We learnt all about our British wildlife through the Gruffalo story and got the opportunity to meet the animals in the story and many more that we are likely to meet in our countryside.

I liked the fox kissing me on the nose best. We learned they won’t bite us and we can’t touch one in the wild – Faith Class 1

After reading the Gruffalo story we met the friendly foxes Todd, Meadow, Copper and a new friendly fox cub. The children learnt some interesting fox facts, fed them some treats, were able to stroke them and some lucky children even had a kiss on the nose from Todd.

I liked the fox kissing me. He felt nice when I stroked him – Anya Class 2

I liked holding the owl best, we saw it fly – Derora Class 1

Next we met the beautiful barn owl. The children took it in turns to hold him then watched him fly silently through the air over their heads. Chunk, the eagle owl also came out to say hello.

Next we met the corn snake and learnt about how we have 3 different types of snake in the UK all with their own way of killing and eating their prey. The brave children took it in turns to hold or stroke the snake. He loved to slither around the children’s necks or under their arms where it was nice and warm.

I loved holding the snake. He wasn’t too big. I was scared, but now I’m not! – Poppy Class 2

We learnt about the reindeer next. The children learnt that they can withstand temperatures of minus 50 because their have a kind of antifreeze in their legs. We heard the click of the reindeers feet as they walked which helps them to identify other reindeer from predators in places with low visibility and we learnt that they shed and re grow their antlers once a year.

We also got the opportunity feed some chickens and goats. We learnt that goats have such big tummies because they eat lots of grass. The grass goes into the first chamber of the stomach to ferment then the goat will bring back up the grass and chew again into smaller pieces which will then back down to be digested in their 4 stomachs.

I liked feeding the goats because I love goats. It tickled my hand when they ate the food – Hunter Class 2

My favourite bit was when we feed the chickens, the white part of the egg turns into a chicken – Bella Class 1

We also got to see some squirrels, hawks, adders, stoats, mice, ferrets, weasels and hedgehogs. We learnt all about how the hedgehogs have reduced in numbers in the last 20 years from 36 million to 1 million. We learnt how to make our gardens more hedgehog friendly by making sure they have access, leaving a parts of the garden slightly wild, leaving food and water for them and making hedgehog homes for them.

The children were really excited to finally meet the Gruffalo, he was shy and hid in the woods. We did manage to get a friendly wave from him as he was more scared of us than we were of him.

We found the Gruffalo in the woods, he was shy, he thought we were the little mice – Finley Class 1

Feadon farm is hands on, fun, fascinating and an unforgettable experience for the children. The wildlife experts, Gary and Kirsty were incredible. Their enthusiasm and knowledge made the whole experience so interesting which is why its one of the best educational and fun school trips we go to year after year.