Year 1 love programming their own Angry Birds!

Mr Woolcock

This half term Year 1 have been learning the basics of coding by giving instructions to the popular ‘Angry Birds’ characters.  In order to help these birds reach their target (the green piggies!) the children have to give them the correct directional instructions to move along the level.  These instructions start off quite simply, but before long the children are giving twelve step answers to get the bird to the target.

“I love how happy the bird is when he gets to the pig!” – Penny, Class 3

An example level from halfway through the Angry Birds puzzles

Using perseverance, logical thinking and imagination the Year 1’s have shown a huge amount of Learning to Learn skills and have proven that just because something is difficult at first they don’t need to give up.  Practice makes perfect and solving these puzzles has helped instil a real love of learning in a lot of these children.